Sunday 30 June 2019

Much Fresher.

A breeze blowing most of the day made the weather far more pleasant for me.

I drove myself to the Prom.

There were some Ninja showers around.  One happened on my way down to the beach.  But I didnt get wet.  Looking out to sea you can see where rain is falling.  

Odd rain clouds all around.

Small Mackerel line fishing boat.

Someone had strapped Scottish Independence flags to the railings.  Which reminded me of the time I was the token English incomer on Janet Street Porters tour round Scotland prior to the last Independence vote, wherein most of us voted to remain.

2014.  She is twice my size in height so she sat for the photo.  The researcher for the t.v. found me via this blog!!!  

I can no longer stand unaided!

Juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker.  Red head. If on the nape male, no red on nape or head of female.

More teasels growing.

Tree Sparrows playing at being Meerkats.

With no help from BT we do have our phone back on.  The DP worked out how to bypass the old system somehow.  Our neighbour is still off and is going to try it.

That was some storm or rather storms plural we had last night.  But it has freshened the air.

Onward and upward.

Saturday 29 June 2019

Saturday steaming and storms.

Just to say I have not enjoyed today.  Struggling to breathe in the heat and humidity.  The DP drove me to the Prom.  I got out of the car, went to the railings and then we came home.  

Photos taken by the DP.

I had to strip off in the Shedudio.  Fortunately we had no visitors.  

This evening we have had storm after storm. The BT landline isnt working nor is our neighbours but BT say there is not a problem.

But their system is down!!

Roll on tomorrow.  When the heat goes down a few degrees.

Friday 28 June 2019

Hot and humid.

We do have a breeze.  Which I am grateful for.  A struggle to breathe today.  However I did manage my pulmonary physio exercises today.  Apart from the step ups.....  But that is a to do crossed off the list.  I also went to the Prom on my own.

The Gull gang were on the beach.


People were paddling.

Tiger Hill. Sand Dune.

People on the beach.

A small boat on the sea.

Back home.

Lining up to take over the bird feeders.

Hope everyone is surviving this hot weather.  I am struggling.  But still here!

Thursday 27 June 2019


Quite warm and humidity up in the 90s.  I made it to the Prom.  The DP has been accompanying me most of this week.  In case I collapse......

The sea has scoured out some sand and brought up lots of weed.  Creating a sort of blue lagoon.  

The small boats coming in to the harbour.  Both could have been hauling in the creels, lobsters/crabs.  The one with the red bits on also does line fishing for mackerel.

I have already mentioned I do not like Jackdaws.  Here is another reason.  The small bird may have already been dead.  If so the Jackdaw is keeping the garden clean.  Of carrion.  Hmmm.  Being positive.

The smallest of the Allium bulbs have flowered.  Not sure whether they dry once flowered or not, never having grown them before.  They certainly do not look like the bigger Alliums.  We shall see.

I am now fine tuning stuff for our annual visual arts exhibition which is on 13th and 14th July.  Not long to go.  Our Community Challenge this year is Sea Creatures.  Most of the Primary Schools in the area have signed up for it as has a nursery, Rainbows and a Sunday School.  I mainly stick with the publicity and the facebook page which is Fraserburgh Art Summer Exhibition.  FASE.  I have also to sort out my work to go in to the exhibition.  We were in the local paper today.  A lift from the facebook page which I was very pleased they did that.  We will also be on the local radio station, Waves.  All go.

Wednesday 26 June 2019


My list for today was of things to do.  I have done none of the items on the list.  Not feeling grand.  But I managed the Prom and felt a bit better.

On the patio a pot full of Lilies coming in to bloom.

This Clematis doing what Clematis should do apparently - scramble over other plants.

The Red Poll visited again.

Must do better tomorrow.

Tuesday 25 June 2019


First the positives.

I do like:

Bird watching.

Redpoll and Goldfinch at the rear.

Young Goldfinch on last years Christmas Tree.

Drawing and painting.  Not done much recently but intend to start on flowers tomorrow.


What's not to like?

The D.P.  and Sith Cat.

Being left alone by everyone but the DP.

Red Wine.

Fillet Steak.

I do not like:

Some birds = Starlings and Jackdaws, thugs.

Feeling anxious/not being in control.

Made to work to deadlines.

Struggling to breathe.

Not being able to garden.

Chest infections.

So there you go.  And there I stop and think about the lists and what I can do about them.

Monday 24 June 2019

Wet, wet, wet.

The Prom this afternoon.  I stayed in the car.  It has rained all day.

Our new flag is up.  2019 winner of the clean beach award.  Yay.

If nothing else I can see which way the wind is blowing.

My plan for today was to do something completely different and paint some flowers.  Sadly they were all very wet.

So the woodburner was lit and I contemplated my boot wearing in June.  Not good.

Humidity at the moment is well into the 90s.  Does not help the breathing.  But rather than being down beat  I am going to list the things I like.  Then the things I do not like and just see if I can do anything about the latter.  Time to take control.  Are you with me?