Monday 31 December 2018

That time of year again.

The end.

But before that I went to the Prom.  Of course.

Is not that beautiful.  The Kessock Burn now has two outlets into the North Sea.  This is the middle one.

Lots of Great Black Backed Gulls.  

Masses of Gulls.

Away on my left by the rocks Redshanks.

Not many people, or dogs.

The sky over Tiger Hill was indicating the calm will not last.  Already I can hear the wind outside picking up and the forecast is for 30 mph tomorrow.

Home and in the Shedudio.  A female Pheasant visited.

The Lion got a coat of varnish.  This is watercolour on a prepared canvas.  As it will not be behind glass a coat of watercolour varnish goes on to protect it from fingermarks, dust etc.
He just needs his hanging bits on the back and he is ready to go.

I keep spotting plants doing daft things.  Chrysanthemums in bud!

Hoping 2019 is kind to all of you.  It would be very good if our politicians in government used their brain cells and discovered compassion.

Happy Hogmanay.  I will be in bed so see you all tomorrow.

Sunday 30 December 2018

Taking Control.

It is amazing how much better I feel today.  

I made the decision to not take the low dose antibiotic any more.  It is supposed to stop me picking up chest infections.  Well - I hadn't had any for a few months before I started on it.  If I do get one I have antibiotics in house and can ask for steroids to assist also.  To carry on having nausea and churnings, gripings in stomach every day followed by the explosions....what sort of life is that.  I fully appreciate that each chest infection damages my lungs still further but have come to the conclusion quality of life is better than extending it.
So there.  
A new woman arose this morning.  
Washed my hair, did my pulmonary exercises and I managed to get my boots on without the DP!  He was off birdwatching.  He had prepared my lunch, waiting in fridge. 
I loaded up the chariot and was off to the Prom.

No wind, it wasn't cold, not much sun but you can't have everything.

Kessock Burn off in another direction.

 It is Sunday.  So lots of walkers, many with dogs, wanging balls, so not many of the Gull Gang.

Way over to the left were some Oystercatchers and Redshanks snoozing.  But they too were cleared off by a ball wanger.

Out at sea a Lobster boat returning to harbour.

And a big boat heading out.

A very big boat.

Back home and down to the Shedudio.  Which is showing clear signs it needs repainting on the roof.  

Did some painting, not on the roof!,  but the darkness came on very quickly .  Yes I do have electric light and a daylight lamp but prefer natural light.  There is also the problem of finding my way back home when it is pitch black!

Sunset over the house.  

Looking forward to tomorrow.  No tummy churnings.  etc.  

Here is me in my new frock, matches me hair.  Propped up against the wall - normally hunched over the chariot!  Not now I am a new woman having taken control!! Ha.

Saturday 29 December 2018


This daily low dose antibiotic is becoming a real pain.  Most of the morning spent nauseous then - well too much information will not be given.  It is to prevent me/lessen the chances of me getting a chest infection.  On balance - well bring it on, at least that goes away.  Hey ho.  Will be speaking to consultant on Monday hopefully.

So once the morning is over I can gird up me loins and go to the Prom.

The weather today has been foul.  Wind got stronger and stronger and the rain lashed down.  But I know now that just getting out and sitting with the car window open makes me feel better.  The rain stopped after a while and people walking did not appear to be wind blown.  So I got out of the car.

Quite a few on the beach.  Tide coming in slowly.

Wind whipping up the surf.

The Gull Gang .  Birds tend to face into the wind.  Whereas mammals do the opposite.  Including me!

Oystercatchers and Blackheaded Gulls.  Then the rain came back.  That is when I am reminded I cannot move swiftly back into the car.....

Back home, slightly damp.

More on the Scottish Wild Cats.

The Lion is finished.  He is for my third Grandson.  I did a Tiger for second Grandson

A Dragon for first Grandson.

Takes me out of my comfort zone!  The Lion will have its image put onto a mug as the others have been.

Thanks to all for your kind words and suggestions.  Much appreciated.  Onwards and upwards.  A new year is dawning.  And I am still here.  Yay.

Friday 28 December 2018


Washed head to toe.  With Christmas and then New Year I have arranged for my carer to avoid both, so its a week between washes at the moment.  My carer worked Christmas Day but would have had a gap from me.  She is off New Years Day, so ditto.  

I have been offered Respite care.  This is for the DP to have an away day.  There is one birding trip he really wants to do in March.  He would have to set off very early as its meeting at 7.30 a.m.  in the hope they see a Lek of Black Grouse.  At Cabrach and Clashindarroch Forest.  Where also Wild cats also live.  It is quite a long way away.  For me this would entail a carer putting on my compression stocking!  I can't do it.  Possibly doing my breakfast.  I can do that  I think.... So something to plan nearer the date.  Wonderful that we have been offered this.

So - stockinged and booted, another thing I struggle with, I was off to the Prom.

Back to it being cold, though not too bad.  Also windy, though not too bad.  The number of people and dogs were too bad.  Throwing balls for the dogs towards the birds.  Just managed to get photos before they were chased off.

I so love Oystercatchers.

A very short walk and back home again.  Got my vitamin Sea and a Sanity burst.

The lion is almost finished.  As he was still wet and I wanted to carry on I began another painting.

Scottish Wild Cats.  Well hopefully.

Anyone else watching The ABC Murders?  

As an ace fan of Agatha Christie and once owned  every book she ever wrote, then I had a child who was an avid follower so a lot of the books disappeared !  

Also watched the depiction of same on the tele.  David Suchet was Hercule Poirot. 

This interpretation, although fairly true to the plot is very dark.  John Malkovich is Hercule Poirot.  Hmm.  Just seen the second episode - we tape programmes.  To my surprise I am actually now enjoying this interpretation.  

Looking forward to tomorrow, third and last episode of the ABC Murders.  Still windy forecast.  Sod it.

Thursday 27 December 2018

Ready for the next big shut down.

In Scotland it is more about Hogmanay than Christmas.  Everything shuts for 2 days.  None of this opening the day after Christmas.  New Years day shut and the day after.

But for now.... the Prom.

Weird weather continues.  Not cold, not windy, sun, most odd.

This mist appeared today, just in one bit of the beach.   Very strange.

The Blackheaded Gulls were catching flies.  Bouncing up and snapping them up.  Too quick for me to catch them on a photo and hilarious to watch.

Surfers en masse.

Lots of dogs in new coats, though one obviously prefers to go without.

Tide coming in.

The garden is crazy.  I have stuff coming up which shouldn't be.  An ornamental poppy is almost up and buds on?? Mad.

Home and into the Shedudio.

Really loving this lion.  Please do not let me ruin it, please do not let me ruin it.....

I had my foot lady today.  She is lovely.  I no longer have leather soles on my feet, wonderful.  Toe nails trimmed, I can't bend and the DP is frit of cutting the toe off.  So my feet are possibly the best bit of me!!

Tomorrow I get the head to toe wash. And moisturised.  I shall be all set for the New Year.  The next big shut down.

Wednesday 26 December 2018

Boxing Day.

Still feeling stuffed.  Made it to the Prom.  Very short walk.

Tide well in.  Lots more people today.  Kids and dogs too.

It was quite warm .  So lots of little black flies.  Flat calm sea.

Couple of lobster boats.

As it is Boxing Day the harbour has the RNLI Boxing Day Swim.  This raises funds for the RNLI.  Over £80,000 raised since it began as an annual event.  

The swimmers jump or dive off the lifeboat.

Some wear fancy dress.

My friend B.  - this is her second year doing the swim.

One of the harbour seals wondering what on earth is going on.

None of these photographs are mine!  I stay well away - in case I get tempted......  This was the warmest swim ever at 6 degrees, not sure whether that was air or water temperature.  Either way pretty cold for getting wet.

Progress on the Lion, I am having fun doing this one.  When I could go no further as I had to wait for the paint to dry.

I watched the sun set.

Bye bye Boxing Day.