Tuesday, 30 June 2020

An aged cat.

Sith Cat.

18 years old.  Various problems health wise.  He has to have half a steroid and a pill which supports his liver function.  I still have all my fingers.  But it is a daily struggle to administer and get him to swallow.  He has a very loud cry we think it is loud because he is deaf.  Although he can hear a packet of cat food being opened.  He sleeps and eats.  Goes out and occasionally still manages to catch something.  Hey ho.  Our house is more and more like a care home.

Today is the last day of June.  Blimey.  Sunny but cool.  I walked.  Saw Paddle surfers.

Boats leaving and entering the harbour.

Feeding frenzy of Herring Gulls on Sand Eels.

A few of the Gull Gang.

A Canna Lily for my patio.

I have been asked if there is a Burgh nearby.  So I better do a brief post about Fraserburgh's name.  It used to be called Faithlea.  

Monday, 29 June 2020

Weather effects.

Headache then it rains heavily and headache goes.  Plus my breathing becomes easier.  No wonder I an forever checking the weather forecast.  Drives the DP mad.

Surfers and life jackets no.  Mostly good swimmers.  Always plenty adults with the kids learning.  Plus our beach is shallow for a long way out.  They are all taught about rip tides and any other dangers.  The main dangers on the beach are when idiots bring inflatables.  Lots of near death problems with them.

Today alternated between very humid and then the rain freshened us all up.

A wonky video of how best I love the Prom and the beach.

Some boat activity.  I think I will get myself to the harbour and then paint a boat - on paper of course!

Gull Gang present today.

Thats me.

The DP excelled himself with this weeks flowers.

Sunflowers are a favourite of mine.  In there also roses, lilies and ????  Any ideas what the orange one is?

Sunday, 28 June 2020

It rained.

Still beautiful.  The wee Surfer made me smile as he was heading to get very wet anyway.

And the woman was well prepared.

The Gull gang and one Oystercatcher.

Back to almost deserted beach.  I walked and got wet.

It was good.

Tonights sunset.  Just after 9 p.m.


Saturday, 27 June 2020

Another non eventful day.

Cooler after the thunder and lightning in the night.  We had a brief power cut.  I have an oxygen tank to use should there be a power cut during the night when I am on the constant from the machine.  So did not need to find out how it worked in the dark!

Cooler so very few people on the beach.

The Surf School for kids is still going strong.

One small boat.

So I walked.

No Gull Gang.  Just one Blackheaded Gull and a Herring Gull.

The Surfers packed up and off.  So did we.

Friday, 26 June 2020

Hot again.

We went to the Prom later it was going up to 5 p.m.  Less people so I managed a short walk.  When I returned to the car I noticed people didnt consider social distancing while walking past the car even though I had the window wound down.  Really I can't win!

Earlier in the day I was in the Shedudio and painting.

Finished Geese.

The Shedudio is looking good from the outside.

The hanging baskets are doing well.

On the patio the lilies are coming into flower.

Gang of Starlings being annoying.

Now we have a haar.  Cant see much outside.  No beautiful sunset tonight.  Thunder and lightning promised/threatened.  Hope it comes soon.  Struggling to breathe which is always scary.  Oxygen doesnt really help when its like this as my lungs refuse to expand.

Hope everyone is fine.

Thursday, 25 June 2020

Its Too Darn Hot.

Heat makes me not want to do anything.  So much painting I wanted to do.

Started the sea background.  Removed the masking fluid.  Looks awful.  Carry on regardless - tomorrow.

The DP has been getting up early and going into the garden.  He is creating a new herb bed.  Also muttering about us having a pond and where should we put it.

We went to the Prom.  The breeze actually cooled us down once there, whereas at home it didn't!

Not quite Brighton.  But far too many people for me to attempt to walk.  I did the railings breathing and then back to the car with the windows open.

The cafe is shut.  Our local ice cream manufacturer stepped in, sorry wheeled in.

No birds thanks to the speed boats.

Good news is my hairdresser contacted me and is to do my red colour and cut and blow at the end of July.  She comes to the house.   Wowee.

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Let loose.

Lock down is easing.  I might just be able to see some of my family again.  Still assimilating all the info.

So tonight here is the sunset.  It has been very hot and is forecast to be even hotter tomorrow.  Up here thats 22 degrees centigrade.

The last one has to be a painting dont you think?