Sunday, 1 July 2018

Sultry Sunday.

Still hot and breezy, which just shifts the heat around.

The Prom today.  I had to shuffle the car round till I found a space for the disabled where the next car had not parked on the hatched area.  This is for people like me who have a walking aid, or in some cases to wheel in a wheel chair......  So first I got a parking space then could not get the chariot out.  So - eventually I got to lean over the railings.

Our beach is never packed like Brighton.  But Sundays I should avoid.  They seem blissfull unaware that the tide is coming in....

The Jet Skis are noisy.  Scare off all the wildlife and I sometimes fear they are not aware of small children paddling in the direction they are heading.

The two photographs above were taken by my friend Michelle Scott.  Yesterday afternoon some children got into difficulties in the sea, there are some strong cross currents which one least expects.  The Coast Guard helicopter was in attendance and our Lifeboat.  Fortunately the kids were rescued and attended to quickly with no harm done apart from a big scare.  This has happened before some years ago, and there was talk about putting signs, and even flags up, where swimmers should not go.  Perhaps now they will.

A video of work in progress on painting the newly insulated walls in the shedudio.

Do you remember the kids toy of a bird on a pole going downwards and pecking as it went?

Our Juvenile Woodpecker doing the same - so funny.  And a devil to catch on the camera!

One more oddball in the garden is Tufty.  A Collared Dove with a strange tuft on its head.  I have taken loads of photos but no-one can make out whether it is a growth or a bad hair day.  It visits the shedudio feeding station every afternoon, alone.

Whatever it is there is little I can do about it.  It feeds, drinks, and then flies off.

Hey ho.


Anonymous said...

oh I'm glad they rescued the children in trouble!!! I hate hate hate jet skis,, our house was on the lake and we were inundated in summer AND WEEKEND BY the stupid things, thoughtless people,, terrifying the wildlife and ruining our peaceful existence. Because we lived in a protected zone for shore birds they shouldn't have been there,, ( jet skis ) but it wasn't enforced,,

when I dry rose petals and rose buds I do it very low tech lol,, spread on paper towels, I usually break the petals from the bud ,, I leave small un opened rose buds intact I then cover with another sheet of paper toweling and I put them in a cabinet,, my china cabinets lol,, works perfect for herbs and grated lemon peel,, thats just how I do it, and yes they retain the beautiful aroma, I use them in potpourri, I'm sure there are many proper ways of doing this but this works for me, everytime!

mamasmercantile said...

What a relief to hear the children were safe and well. I loved the video of your shedstudio, such a stunning setting.

vic said...

Jet skis and motorcycles ------devices of the devil!

Your studio is looking so nice but it takes awhile to get things back to the status quo. We have had a window cut into one wall of our bedroom and an old stained glass window put in. The old drywall had to be taken off and new put on. Good contractor and workers but still a messy proposition, time consuming and people coming in and out constantly. They finished the end of last week and now we start the painting. One of these days things will get back to normal with a wonderful window in a previously darkish room. It's the getting there that is so hard.