Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Tuesday twittering.

Like everywhere else in the UK it is still hot.

So down the Prom where it is usually fresher and was.  Tide going out.

Home and the grass cutters had been.  Strimmed to death in some places.  Oh to get a proper gardener......

Into the Shedudio.  Looking out I could see what appeared to be mist.

Look through the trees.  The smoke filled the fields.  My neighbour across the road decides to burn things.  When some people might be out sunbathing, no not me, but neither the sun bathers, nor me with a lung problem, enjoys being swamped with lots of smoke.  So I had to close the doors of the Shedudio and got cross.

Later, having dinner, this bird flew in.

Remember our pair of Grey Patridges?  Well obviously they were successful as this is a young one.

And a young Robin.

Our garden is looking good , so long as you squint and ignore any weeds, of which there are many.

Ignore the football.

The 'centre' bed.

Hostas and  ? in the 'centre' bed.  

This messy looking thing is the work in progress and will be the Shedudio clock.  Ha ha.

Meanwhile the DP has been toing and froing to see a Sooty Tern, which is a very rare bird to these shores.

And at last there it is.  Black and white effort in amongst Black Headed Gulls.  Now losing Black heads as breeding season over.. B****y confusing isnt it.  

Thats Bird watching for you.

Good night.  Twitters over and out.


Jean. said...

Grass! You have grass ? Green stuff ?
Here in central England I can't remember seeing a lawn that wasn't brown ! All the grass in this area is scorched. We went for a walk along a canal this evening and I actually saw about six inches of the green stuff along the edge of the canal where the water had soaked through. We saw quite a few rabbits and I was so glad that they had this small lush area to feed from. It certainly caused me to exclaim at seeing ,GREEN grass.

Susan Heather said...

I learnt something new today - never knew that a baby Robin looked like that. Thank you.

Chris said...

Love hostas. Have several kinds in the shady parts of my garden, and lots of sedum which also do well in the shade. Sorry, can't help you with identifying the yellow flower, but it is pretty. Hope DP found the Sooty Tern.

mamasmercantile said...

The clock is a feast for the eyes, it is stunning. You should make some to sell.

Louise Stopford said...

Your garden is absolutely stunning - I bet you take a lot of enjoyment from it.

vic said...

The yellow flower might be a coreopsis.