Tuesday, 10 July 2018

It got hot again.

Even though it was quite cool this morning it was overcast and 'heavy' so any movement was a struggle with breathing.  Hey ho.

I had to report in to my physiotherapist today.  I have a diary to keep of my exercises done and my level of breathing after.  Well, so many gaps, I cant do exercises when I can't even do a few steps to the loo without using the inhaler!

He was very understanding.

So it was after 4 p.m. I went to the Prom.

Tide well out.  Although the car park was full there was hardly any one on the beach.  Most of the cars had people sitting in them.

So they miss all the wee boats tootling about.

And the Gulls who are now moulting, see all the feathers?

Today my and the DP's exhibition was taken down and he replaced it with the Fraserburgh Photographic Society's exhibition.  The DP sold a canvas of a short eared owl and I sold - drum roll - a card.  Whoopee doo.  So the two of us have been busy.  Me doing the labels, laminating etc.  Him doing the physical.  As in transporting pictures there and back.  I now have to work out the hanging of what has come back for the Open Shedudio.

Discussion with our lawn cutters - as the grass is not growing - they are not going to come.  Fine.

DP is watering every other day.  We have these troughs on the fence and the pots on the patio. 

This is Angelica, which we grow here just for the insects.  Although a herb I am not sure what you then do with it.  Always reminds me of when I asked at our local garden centre for Comfrey and was told, "We dont sell weeds."

Young birds are everywhere.

The Bully Boys and Girls Starlings.

A young Great Spotted Woodpecker.  All GSW have red tummies.  The young have the red head.  As they mature the males end up with a red nape and the females have a black head.

Now you know.

End of the day.  Not a breath of air, still light at 21.28.  Hope you all sleep well.


MarleneS said...

Oh how I dream of living in a house with a lovely garden which will attract the woodpeckers.

Anonymous said...

congratulations on the sales! beautiful photos! Angelica has many uses, from appetite, arthritis, heartburn,, many uses,, its pretty as well!

Sandi said...


Bovey Belle said...

Cooler here and overcast and about 3 drops of rain before breakfast! I obviously didn't rain-dance for long enough!

I hope it cools down again for you soon. What a shame you couldn't buy Comfrey - I got a little pot at the lovely (but expensive) nursery at Three Cocks on the way to Hay-on-Wye. Here is somewhere that sells seeds for Comfrey: https://www.nickys-nursery.co.uk/product_info.php/comfrey-common-symphytum-officinale-100-seeds-h167-p-781?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI9Oe_6sOW3AIVarXtCh0-yQGZEAQYBSABEgI6UvD_BwE

I loved the photos of your wildlife. I took some Mama feeding the babies Sparrow photos at the weekend and will put them on my blog this morning. Keep cool.