Thursday, 5 July 2018

Slightly cooler.

Slightly in that there was a cool breeze.  Out of that it was still HOT.

I managed to wash my hair.  Quite an achievement.  

To the Prom.  

There was a cooling breeze from left to right.  Which helped.

A group of Black Headed Gulls were by the rocks having a siesta.

Really undecided as to whether this tan was natural or not!

I may be wrong but I think these boats with the bling are possibly Mackerel fishing and the bling is for stringing the nets.  I will try and find out.

Back home the DP and I did some sorting, tidying, and displaying.  

I also watched Nature paint far better pictures than I in the sky.

Answering some questions.  The paint I use is watercolour.  This does not give off any fumes.  The canvases I have been doing recently need varnishing once finished.  So far I have been using a watercolour varnish which could cause problems.  I have now purchased a water based spray plus a mask to wear when applying.  I shall report back.  Other things that affect me are cooking, the DP switches on the extractor fan and closes the kitchen door.  We only use white vinegar, borax et al for cleaning.  Or just water.  

The most annoying thing is people who drive onto the Prom car park and leave their engines running.  80 degrees in old money.  Why?  Today I had a young woman alongside me with her engine running.  I signed to ask her to turn it off and got the look, push up daisies.  I was no longer slightly cooler.  I was boiling hot, couldnt breathe so left and came home.

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Anonymous said...

oh its wonderful ,,,,everything looks great!! I use watercolor for the very same reason,,low odor!