Tuesday 17 July 2018

More rain!

How spooky is that sky?

This was before the deluge.  

Masses of sea birds.

The two Oystercatchers kept well away from the melee.

Flat calm sea.

Tide coming in.

Came home and then the heavens opened.  For two hours it was a total deluge. 

The air became fresher.  Thank goodness.

This is a Grey Heron just taking off from the top of our neighbours huge pine tree!  I can see this through the shedudio doors.

At last the sign goes up.  My  second daughter bought me this for Christmas some years  ago.

I had my first visit from the mobile hairdresser today and it was good.  So beginning of August I get my red hair back.  A good day.


Chris said...

Can't wait to see your new hairdo! Rain very welcome here too but we could have done with more. Still very hot.

Sue in Suffolk said...


Yay for the red hair , I'm thinking about the same thing

Bovey Belle said...

So glad you got rain and it's cooler and more comfortable for you. We too had rain - a heavy shower in the night - but not enough to top the ponds up, just refresh the plants.

Love the sign on your shedudio! Good news too about the mobile hairdresser, so no chance of you having your breath taken away by a room of hairspray again. Glad you are red again too - I bet that is a BIG cheer-up!

BadPenny said...

I LOVE your sign ! We need rain but overnight as the village festival is on . The poor village green is not green at all !!!

mamasmercantile said...

Great sign, it is cool and overcast here too.