Tuesday 3 July 2018

Enough already.

80 degrees in the shade.

The DP went out into the garden, tripped, and butted the wall of the house with his head.  Blood everywhere.  But then bashed heads do that.  Glasses broke.  And the harling on the house embedded in his hand.  More blood.

No I didn't take a photograph.  I was bathing his head with cold water on kitchen paper towel.  And shaking.  In fact I suffered far more than him.....  Anyway turned out the glasses which cost more than £500 were covered by our insurance, £100 excess.  The glasses have been ordered and the 'leg' bent back.  So he can use the glasses, I mean who looks up at anything - as that is where the hole is.  Top right of the lens.  

Today we also had a visit from Social Services who are setting up my Care Package.  Showering twice a week.  Hmm.  The SS wanted to know who they should contact if the DP was no longer there.  What a question, particularly after his mornings adventures with the wall.  Lets not go there.

I had some comments about the shedudio.  So explanations due.  

Prior to our moving in there was  static caravan while alterations were done to the old croft.  So the then owners lived in the caravan.  Hence why the shedudio has a sink, water supply, and electric.

As the work was completed the static caravan was removed and the Summerhouse put in its place.

We then moved in and the Summerhouse was painted.  Apart from the roof.

Since then, the roof blew off in storms up to 100 mph.  And was replaced by boat building joiners.  Try moving that now wind!  Ha.

It then became my shedudio.

I had the woodburning stove fitted.  

Then the double glazed windows.  From this

To this

So it is probably all my fault that this Summer we are all being burnt to a crisp.  As I have to open both doors and all the windows to survive in there!!


crafty cat corner said...

That's not funny breaking the glasses as well as a bump on the head.
As one of my old bloggers used to say 'There's always something' and she was right of course.
With all the hoo haa with the cat Tom ended up with a chest pain, luckily it went away but we had forgotten about his heart because lately we have been engrossed in the lungs, LOL
YOuve got to laugh or you'd end it all. lol

Anonymous said...

wow, that was a scary fall, nothing bleeds worse than a head injury,, so much blood. I hope he is recovering and I hope it didn't shake you up too much,, she sheduio is a wonderful place, I love it!

Chris said...

Hope the DP didn't need stitches and that he mends quickly. Open the windows at night and close them first thing in the morning. I call this "Nature's air conditioning". Unfortunately for us, the nights have been just as hot as the days so no relief here!

wherethejourneytakesme said...

Hope you are not continuing to light the stove!!
Sorry to hear about your incident - are you both feeling better now?

DUTA said...

Perhaps he should ask for an mri to make sure no clot was left after the bleeding. Just to be on the safe side.

Jean. said...

Ah, now I see, you inherited the summerhouse now shedudio. I have to say that if the original owners could see it now, they would be impressed by it's modernisation and luxury. Enjoyed seeing the helicopter photographs. I hope the DP is fully recovered from his trip.

BadPenny said...

Horrid injury for DP. Love the areal photos of your home x

Bovey Belle said...

Commiserations for DP's injury. The ultimate insult had to be breaking the expensive specs, but thank heavens they are covered by insurance. I hope his head is a little less sore today (hand too, come to that).

What lovely overhead photos of your plot. Any here concentrate on the farm next door! (Have seen some when they used to come peddling them at the door).

Your shedudio is a great improvement on the static caravan anyway.

Now remember, you must not get grubby inbetween your twice-weekly shower!