Thursday 12 July 2018


Today the DP prepared an amazing lunch, different salads, prawns, boiled eggs, potatoes, sausage rolls, chips, and a lush chocolate cake.

The reason - our niece and husband and their two children visited us.  They live in Glasgow but are visiting the North East, camping, and visiting friends - and us.

After being a b&b provider for many years I do get quite anxious about such visits.  I know the DP does the job magnificently, but, I so miss not being able to do stuff!  Stupidly I get quite stressed, but am fine once the visitors have arrived.  I can't do anything about it then can I!?

After lunch we all went down to the Shedudio.

I cleared a space so they could 'create'.  Our great nephew said he didn't want to paint, but then he did so I cleared an even bigger space.

The kids helped the DP to feed the birds.

I took the photos through the window, so a bit of reflection there.

There was some football out on the lawn, which I did not partake in....

A successful and very pleasant day with lovely people.  

So successful our great nephew made it quite clear he wants to come back again!  I pointed out one had to leave before returning as he was not going to get in the car when it was time for them to go.

A good day.

A post script. While we were in the shedudio I heard a noise.  From the wood burning stove.  I turned to look and there was a Sparrow looking out at me.  It was a young one and must have fell down the flue!  As I got up it disappeared and must have gone into the bottom of the flue.  I opened both of the doors of the shedudio wide open and then opened the door of the stove.  Telling everyone to stay still.  Out came the sparrow and onto one of the rafters and then out of the doors.  Whew.  Think we may have to have some sort of (anti inflammatory) netting fitted , there is a cowl but there is a gap.  What larks.

pps..Christine the email address I had for Tina didnt work.  Sorry.  Perhaps she will see our conversations.  


Anonymous said...

what a treasure DP is,, sounds like a wonderful lunch! Your family most just love coming to see you, I know I would, lol,, don't worry about what you can't do,, its the way it is and like you said once they get there its too late and we relax,, I know just how you feel, since my vision loss I have had to adjust to such a different life,, its was rough for a while but its becoming a wee bit easier as the time fly by,, I pick my battles now,, take care my friend, you do a great job!
That was a lucky sparrow to escape with your careful guidance!

Mylittlepieceofengland said...

Good times with good people making good memories, the best times xx

Chris said...

Thanks for clearing up the relationship of one's nieces' or nephews' children. I now find I have two grand nieces and one grand nephew!

mamasmercantile said...

Sounds like a wonderful visit, a huge success if plans are afoot to visit again soon.

Jean. said...

That lunch sounds delicious, not the prawns and sausage rolls for me though because I'm veggie, but the rest, yum. I've said before, the DP is a treasure.
Let's hope there isn't a nest in your chimney with more birdies to follow.
We once had a bird come down our sitting room chimney, we caught and released it, but oh the sooty mess it made in it's panic, poor thing.

BadPenny said...

No wonder they want to return, what a lovely day. I had a sparrow try to hop into my lounge several times the other day when it kept landing on the French Windows door x

Bovey Belle said...

Glad that the Sparrow found the Big Outdoors again. We occasionally have birds in here (they come in through open windows in the summmer, though the occasional Swallow uses the door and checks us out for nesting potential I think!

What a lovely day with your family, and lovely that your great nephew didn't want to leave. That shows how much they enjoyed being with you in your lovely home. Your DP sounds a treasure. My husband couldn't bake a cake to save his life!

Keep cool.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Sounds as though a lovely day was had by all. P S That food sounds delicious.

Christine said...

That's a shame but thanks for trying Jill.