Wednesday, 4 July 2018


Than yesterday.  There was a breeze.  I was stir crazy.  So I went out to the Prom.

So here you have it.  The North Sea where if you fall in you have little time to come out alive.  You do not try to swim.  You try to float.  On your back.  That was the advice.  

28 degrees in the new money.  80 in the old.  So not sure what the advice for survival would be today.  I expect the sea is still as cold.  Very deceptive is it not.

Heat haze making the wee Lobster boat blurry.

I managed the railings, deep breaths, back in the car.

While I was out the DP had done the third - and final- coat of paint to the new walls.

It was way too hot for me to start sorting and tweaking and hanging on the new walls!  But so thrilled I can now do this.  Well, the DP can .....

I finally found a place for the Rabbit doorstop, isn't it lovely!  A gift from a friend some time ago.

The Shelducks are coming on slowly.  This is a big canvas.  I have found it quite a challenge.  

The coming weekend the DP is off on one of his photography jaunts.  So the weekend after I am aiming to have the Open Shedudio.  

Tomorrow is forecast cooler.  No doubt when I do the open Shedudio it will be back to normal and hissing it down.  Bring it on.

Jean, the previous owners live across the road.  They moved on from here and did a new build.  So they are well aware of the changes!  No comments as yet......


Sue in Suffolk said...

Few degrees cooler here this morning then it warmed up again,
They had rain at Wimbledon, enough to cover the courts and stop play!

Anonymous said...

it looks hazy hot,,, here as well,, awful,, we aren't used to this,,keep cool,

Sandi said...

Beautiful photos, Jill!

crafty cat corner said...

They say we may have downpours here in the South this afternoon, PLEASE say they are right. I am fed up with the continual heat, too hot to do anything.

mamasmercantile said...

It has been hazy hot here but thankfully we always have a breeze so brings the temperature down.

Bovey Belle said...

Sorry Jill, missing in action for a couple of days so I will have to go back and comment on your previous posts.

I hope it cools down a bit for you soon. I walked across town today (mistake, wrong shoes, with one inch heel, but now knees complaining! It's only because I am normally in flat shoes.

I meant to ask, do you get affected by the paint fumes in your Shedudio? When I was first bad this year, back in April, I was suddenly reacting to paint fumes, vinegar (I was making chutney and caught a breath-ful) etc.

It's looking LOVELY. I feel in need of some sea air myself, but we have a busy weekend ahead (Antiques Fair).