Thursday 19 July 2018

A strange day.

Started off quite normally, in that I got up and had my breakfast.  But then it slowly began to dawn on me that I was not breathless.  I cannot remember when I did not feel breathless.  Very strange.

I got washed, dressed, just waiting for the lungs to close up - and they didn't.

I did my Pulmonary physio exercises and yes, one or two exercises were a bit higher on the Borg scale (google it.)  But really I was fine.

After lunch I went - yes of course - to the Prom.

Lots more people and dogs.  Why do people throw their dogs ball at the birds......

Then I see this.  Just on the point of phoning 999 and getting the coastguard out.  He stood up.

My friend the paddle surfer.  Who I have seen doing yoga on his board.  This time presumably he was meditating.

The remaining Gulls.

Including this family group of Blackheaded Gulls.  And a Herring Gull (Skurry).

Then it was back home to do the final tweaking for tomorrow's Open Shedudio.

The DP made a Banana cake, cleaned the patio furniture, vacced the floor, moved some furniture around. He also trimmed the vegetation so people could pass without being snagged on brambles..... I did some cleaning, and tweaking, and sorting.  (And I am still breathing!)

Wherever there is wall space there is a painting!

All done.

Bring it on.  Please let my breathing be this good tomorrow.  When I have to talk a lot!  


Bovey Belle said...

I am SO PLEASED your breathing is good. Must be the day for it as I am stepping down to a lower dose of my Fostair inhaler and - fingers x'd - so far so good, AND the cough I had is going too. I hope you have another good breathing day tomorrow (and as long as possible).

I hope tomorrow goes well for you. Chin up!

Lynn said...

Hope all goes well tomorrow 😊

kjsutcliffe said...

Hope you do remain 'full-breathed' for tomorrow and your shedudio is looking good :)

rusty duck said...

Have a great day tomorrow!

wherethejourneytakesme said...

Lets hope your breathing is having a turn for the better and continues. I do wish I could come to see your gallery of paintings but sadly a bit too far - have fun anyway.

Chris said...

Congratulations! So happy to hear you had an easy breathing day.

mamasmercantile said...

I will be thinking of you, hope your open day is a huge success and that your breathing is OK. I wish I lived closer I would love to visit.

vic said...

How wonderful to have a day that feels normal so far as breathing is concerned. I've been thinking of you. I managed to fracture a rib and puncture a lung so had a day and a half of fun at the hospital. I was released with a voldyne 5000. You suck air out of a tube connected to a plastic container that will measure how many milliliters of air you have sucked in with one breath. It's designed to strengthen your lungs and get you doing the really deep breathing that will help prevent pneumonia (which I've been told is often a complication of a broken or fractured rib). So much fun.

I'm amazed at your adherence to your exercise routine but I know that it makes a huge difference for in you in the quality of life.