Tuesday 31 July 2018

Its been a while

Since I had a chest infection.  I was fooling myself at days of struggling to breathe. Appetite reducing.  Last night high temperature.  This morning I started the antibiotics.

My eldest daughter and 3 grandsons departed.  Lovely to have them but ...!!!  Before they left they both chose one of my paintings.

T chose this one of a Bearded Tit.  Z chose a very large painting of a Mountain Hare in Summer fur.  Sorry no photo.

After lunch the DP drove me to the Prom.  I managed to get to the railings and do some fairly deep breathing while directing him to take photos.

The Gull Gang.

Right side of the bay.  Sand dunes with Tiger Hill being the largest.

Lots of Gannets who then dive like an arrow, disappear into the sea, and hopefully catch a fish to eat.  Very difficult to capture on the camera as they are so fast.

Fishing boat leaving the harbour.

Isnt this fantastic!  An ageing hippy and his wonderful campervan.

So cheered up.  And looking forward to a night of uninterrupted sleep, apart from the usual trip to the loo....

Ah - almost forgot.  At 8.30 this morning with kids screaming round the house I had a visit from a carer who had come to wash me.  Had to explain I was ill, not ready to be showered.  Plus I had asked for this to be done at 10 a.m. a time when, even without a chest infection, I come round.  The bath was full of kids bath toys.  No way this morning, plus I had not been told that someone would be coming!  She said she would tell 'the office' who would phone me re getting the attention/wash/ at 10 a.m. as requested.  I hope they do as they certainly never told me this person was coming.

Its been a while since I have been this confused!


Sue in Suffolk said...

Oh "bother" to another chest infection!
Hope the antibiotics work PDQ.
Love the hippy VW, hope he had a surfboard to complete the look

Bovey Belle said...

So sorry to hear that you have a chest infection again. I swear by Elderberries (or infusion thereof - try Sambucal) and Ialso try to eat Blueberries daily with my granola as they are very good for you too. The Elderberries help fight infection. I hope that the sea air helped a bit too. At least you will be able to rest up a bit now the family has gone home again.

8.30 knock up for your wash down! Some warning would have been nice and 10 a.m. much more civilized a time. I hope that doesn't happen again.

I love that hippy camper van. I want one!!

DUTA said...

Gross mistake to send the carer without having closed the details with you.
I hope you've got a good shower arrangement with a proper plastic chair to sit on while the woman washes you.
Lovely pictures of the sanddunes and of the camper's van!

Terra said...

What a cheery looking camper van. I hope your chest infection heals quickly. I had a root canal last Thursday followed by 3 days of a lot of pain; I am feeling better today.

mamasmercantile said...

Glad you managed to get some help, hopefully timings and such can be arranged better to suit. Sorry to hear about the chest infection. The camper van was a delight to see.

Liz Simpson said...

I love that painting of the bearded tit, clever colours.
Your painting and photos add joy to your life, and you live in a beautiful place.
Thanks for the blog and the updates, always interesting. x

Anonymous said...

Prayers for you to get healed soon from the chest infection!
Camper van looks colorful!
Nice to see huge amount of birds at one sight:)

Anonymous said...

great photos! I hope that infection clears soon!

Louise Stopford said...

I am not surprised you are confused - you must be really poorly with that awful chest infection. Sorry to hear that yu are in poor health at the moment and hope that things improved soon for you. Love reading your blog and seeing the photo's of "The Prom". The campervan is so cool - I want one too!!!