Monday 2 July 2018

An Up Day.

Thank goodness for the UP days.  

Ozone layer or whatever much better today.  

I managed to wash my hair, most of my body, and moisturise it as my skin seems to want to leave me.  

And went the whole day without once having to use my 'emergency' inhaler.  It was still hot, still breezy, but as soon as I was up I could tell the air was lighter.

Managed a walk up and back on the Prom.

No-one or dogs chasing the Gull Gang they got on with what they like to do.

Such clear and clean sea.

These two were enjoying themselves and not going too far out to get into difficulties.

Lobster boat.

Nature wins.  She has 'planted' this beautiful plant amongst the rocks on the lower part of the Prom.

I took my time driving home.  On the lane down to our house.  Field full of baled hay.  Very early thanks to the hot weather.

The hedgerows on the left, driving down, are interspersed with roses.  This first lot are possibly not wild.

But this lot and others are definitely wild.  Beautiful.

This is MY bath!!!  Blackbird having a bath.  Not taking kindly to Starlings wanting a drink.

The DP has continued to paint the new walls in the Shedudio.  Hoping for next coat to be it.  Done.  

I have one painting on the drawing board.

Shelducks.  But am now champing at the bit to get sorted and hanging on the new walls.  Then I will be having an Open Studio event....

The DP is also designing alterations to our garden to make it easier for me to get out of the house and access the garden, not just the shedudio.  And a pond.  Whoooo.


Jean said...

Love the last photograph, that blackbird has certainly staked his claim.
The DP sounds a real treasure. Glad you had an up day.

Sue in Suffolk said...

I love the way birds have a bath, they always seem to be enjoying it. Good news about access and the pond.
A much fresher day here too still lovely and warm but a good breeze

mamasmercantile said...

Glad to hear you had an UP day, loved that last photograph.

Bovey Belle said...

Great photos of the birds in your bird-bath.

I am SO glad you had an UP day and I wish you many more. It looked quite busy at your beach though.

Our breeze has left us today and I must go water round . . .