Monday 16 July 2018


So much cooler!  Fresh!

Masses of Sea birds as there was no-one to disturb them.  I got soaked and loved it.  It wasn't cold but not the oppressive heat we have had. 

A first for me.  A young Blackheaded Gull pestering its parent.  

Here he/she is.  So different to when they become adult.

The Herring Gull chicks again are totally different to their parents.

Lots of Herring Gulls here.  Top left, grey back, black tail, pink legs, orange beak = Herring Gull.

Back home and with a wee bit more energy due to the lack of heavy heat I tidied my work table.  Work in progress is on the left.  Newly prepared canvases in front of where I sit.  Then space for cakes. Ha.

My card/nature table!  Collection of feathers and snail shells is the nature bit.

My thermometer.  Showing a far more comfortable level.

And not only do I have Sithcat watching.  I now have Dyson.  Keeping a beady eye on my activities.

May the cooler weather continue.  The garden has really perked up even though we did no get the deluge we hoped for.


Jean said...

No rain here in my part of Derbyshire. So hot and muggy. Sitting in front of the fan tonight, but the cats are elsewhere, they don't like the fan.

Anonymous said...

Im glad you did get a bit of rain , your studio looks so nice, such a beautiful space you have,

DUTA said...

Good for you and the garden! Just take care, the ground is probably slippery.

Chris said...

We also had heavy rain this afternoon - what a relief! It hasn't cooled off much and is still quite humid but better nevertheless.

mamasmercantile said...

Loved the thermometer, what a great novelty. It is still quite cool here too with the odd shower.