Wednesday, 18 July 2018


Today the DP was away on a bird watching jaunt.  To the Cairngorms.  With his mate Alex.

So I managed to make my own breakfast. Set the dishwasher off.  Washed and dressed and out the door.  Mainly to get the local paper before they sold out and to collect 3 pairs of pyjama bottoms ordered online from George at Asda.

I now do not enjoy shopping in shops.  I cannot reach things and end up asking some random taller person to check if there is one of those in a size 12.  Or someone sneezes over me.  Or are just in the way, and its hot and noisy.  

So all I had to do was go in show the magic number and text on my phone.  

No - all the computers and mobile phones, communication with colleagues was DOWN.  I did eventually get the parcel.  I had to do my signature on one of those machines handed to you at your front door by DPD et al.  Without a pen, use my finger, and nothing appeared on the screen.  But they seemed quite happy with that.  

Then to the Prom - and breathe.

WOW.  Just look at that.  No enhancements at all - this is how it was.  So clean, so clear. Stunning.

As I stood, leaning on the railings there were more and more families arriving with huge bags full of buckets and spades and picnics.  

See the sunlight sparkle on the water.

My afternoon was spent in the Shedudio preparing a bargain bag.  Lots of mounted original paintings reduced by 50%.  I have to make some room for the next lot!

The DP was late back.  But the views out of the rear patio door made up for the lateness.  Well a bit. I saw this Buzzard on the pole surveying.  Not too distinct, he was quite a way away.

And then the sky.

I so love where I live.


Anonymous said...

I love where you live as well,,,

wherethejourneytakesme said...

Just so beautiful.

Chris said...

Gorgeous sky! And such a nice deserted beach - just you and the gull gang!

Bovey Belle said...

What lovely peaceful photos. I am glad you coped well without the DP. It must have been frustrating when the mobile phone and computer connections were down though. I don't blame you for online shopping - I hate crowds these days and my husband chides me for keeping a pack of germ-killing hand-wipes in the car but in the winter I relied on these to keep the cold and flu germs at bay!

You do live in a lovely area, I have to say.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Just so beautiful and so clear out to sea.

Trish said...

Wow you got all that done, it just shows what you can achieve when you try!

We need rain here too.

mamasmercantile said...

Such a beautiful sky. I am not a fan of shopping either.

Rosie said...

I enjoyed the photo of the buzzard. I must read up more about this bird. I saw one on our last trip to Farina in outback Australia. Wish I could send a photo.