Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Global Warming?

Looks idyllic doesn't it?  Well there is far more cloud than blue skies.  Trapping in the air, no movement.  We have had some rain, or something that was wet.  Not enough to do anything .  Can you see the coos on the horizon?

On the Prom.  Vitamin Sea.  The Gull gang. Not many people.

The big sand dune is called Tiger Hill.  I think at one time it looked like a reclining Tiger.  But Dunes change shape.

The tide was galloping in.  Lots of Blackheaded Gulls.  I think the one in the front is a juvenile.

Always important to sort out your feathers.

Back home and into the shedudio.  Our exhibition is over so all the paintings are back and to be sorted before my Open Shedudio.  Well - I may have to start giving them away.  I am totally swamped.

But I do have some new wall space now !  So I should be able to get them up and hanging.  

This will have to wait until after our visitors tomorrow.  The DP is making a Chocolate cake while running back and forth to the sitting room when there are cheers from the t.v. and the World Cup.  

Sith cat, who is asthmatic, has his head stuck out of the window.  He recognises my breathing problems and I recognise his.  Who would believe it.

I hope this isnt Global Warming for ever.  But then Trump says that it doesnt exist......And I believe everything he says..................................................


Anonymous said...

your work looks great! I like the beach when its quiet, no people, yes Trump says there is no such thing as Global warming, he also says he is very smart, he said he knows lots of big words, lol,, can you believe he said that,, I nearly died laughing!

A Life More Simple said...

You are one very talented lady.

crafty cat corner said...

I spy my favourite painting of the cat in the bottom left corner, I love that one.
I keep hoping that next year the summer will be like the ones I remember but each year this blooming heat comes back.

Bovey Belle said...

Some lovely paintings there (love the one of the cat Jill). As for global warming, I think this is just a good summer. We have had them before. CLimate change/global warming isn't the sort of thing which happens over a decade or two, it's thousands and thousands of years before you can definitively say that was a period of climate change. Leastways, when we studied Archaeology, that's what records showed. We are currently in an interglacial period, so it WILL be warmer. It's 15,000 years since the last Ice Age. Well, that is my take on it and Christopher Booker's too!

mamasmercantile said...

You are one talented lady, beautiful paintings.

Christine said...

I've just realised my comment asking about Tina was Anonymous and so you possibly wouldn't publish it (although there are a couple of anon ones on here)

I should have put my name, it's Christine.

justjill said...

Christine, thanks for pointing out I let some spam through! Now deleted. I will try and email Tina. She doesnt blog anymore and I have lost touch. But will try....