Monday 9 July 2018


Alleluia .

So beautiful.

Although there were mainly dog walkers on the beach they all respected the Gull Gang and left them alone.  Wanged their balls and frisbees in other directions.

Back home and into the Shedudio I was making cards.  And watching birds.  These young Sparrows were experiencing water that could be drunk and bathed in.  

Very important to put out water, not just for birds, other beasties need water, particularly as we have all experienced such hot weather.  The birds, and others, cannot get worms as the ground is so hard, so feeding them is equally important.  We feed year round.  We get so much pleasure from watching them it becomes a small price to pay.

It was cool enough for me to have a mosey round the garden.

A particularly beautiful rose by the patio.  I asked the DP to prune earlier and it has paid off.  Ones in the front garden too, which I hope,if this coolness continues, to photograph.  Most of them we inherited when we bought the house.  But I then became enamoured of the rose so we have bought a few which have flourished.

So - as this government of total nincompoops takes us to the brink of disaster it is welcome to view such beauty.


MarleneS said...

It is meant to be a bit cooler here tomorrow thank goodness.
What gorgeous little sparrows, and such a pretty colour rose.

MarleneS said...

Hello Jill,
Not sure if the last comment went through.

It is meant to be much cooler here tomorrow, thank goodness.
What gorgeous little sparrow, it must be hard for them to find a drink this weather, dear little souls, like you there is always food and water for the birds all year round. Love the colour of the rose.

Jean. said...

I feed birds all year round. We have a bird bath, a trough of water for when the cats are outside, a low plastic bowl for short creatures, and a washing up bowl of water down in our field for the foxes and badgers. The two ponds are currently out of action as they have both split and are awaiting repair, but they too were used to drink from.

crafty cat corner said...

Ditto on the weather, thankful for it being cooler.
We put out a washing up bowl full of water for the gulls, they love it.
Sadly we do not get many smaller birds, I think the cats may have something to do with it.
The pigeons come to the fat block that I hang in a feeder off of the washing line but that's about it.
The roses look beautiful, can almost smell them. lol

Chris said...

Gorgeous rose bush and the pruning has obviously resulted in more blossoms.

kjsutcliffe said...

Roses and fledglings over nincompoops anytime

Anonymous said...

that rose is a beauty!

Barbee' said...

I enjoy your sand and sea photos so much! Beautiful! Hello from land-locked Kentucky U.S.A.