Friday 13 July 2018

Friday. Fenestrations! Work that one out.

A lovely day weather wise.  Sun, bit of breeze.  

Tide well in.

A few people on the beach.

A Lesser Black Backed Gull enjoying the weather.

The DP has been hanging the small canvases under the roof on the new smooth insulated bits of wall above the windows.  Plus framed paintings.

My blood pressure has been going through the roof with this Trump visitation. He caused many problems with his first golf course down the road from us which upset everyone.  What is happening now.  I cannot believe he has been welcomed  into our country.  And have him speaking of decisions made here, though I dont agree with them, but I think I know  a bit more about them than he does.  The man is a total idiot.


gz said...

agree totally re trump.
like the paintings..stay positive!

kjsutcliffe said...

He is beyond words. GZ is right - stay positive xx

crafty cat corner said...

Right next to the one I like best is the 'eye' one. Stunning.

wherethejourneytakesme said...

I would think the Queen would stand no nonsense from him - just one look from her would keep him quiet I would think!
Love the little gallery going around the roof line.

Chris said...

That is a great idea to put the finished canvases near the ceiling but make sure the DP is careful on the ladder! Agree with you re: Trump but unfortunately he is a very dangerous idiot!

Jean. said...

Totally agree with the last sentence, couldn't have put it better. How he ever got in I will never know !
The more I look at your paintings, the more I'm sure I've seen them before. The first two above the window remind me of cards or Christmas cards I've seen, even bought. I think you mentioned you had cards made, were there any like those two, or have I seen some others similar ?

DUTA said...

No politician should make your blood pressure go up. Always remember that politics and politicians are the source of all evil.
As for Trump - he's got money, a young beautiful wife, a nice family, and he won the elections - which means God likes him. So who am I, or you for that matter, to call him an idiot. I believe in God, so I would be afraid to even say the word.

mamasmercantile said...

You are one talented lady, the painting were a joy to see.

Bovey Belle said...

Your paintings look great and who could fail to enjoy?

As for Trump - well, there is one man who believes in himself (hmmph!) and was at the back of the queue when Tact was handed out, that's for sure!

Elaine said...

Hey, That's our President you're talking about. Yes he is an idiot and any other bad words you can think of. You may keep him if you like. We don't want him either.
I love your paintings.