Friday, 6 July 2018


There is not a lot I can do.  I have no energy, breath, or have forgotten how to do - a rain dance.

The beach today.  Too hot for most people now so very few around.  Felt sorry for the odd dog I saw being walked.  The cafe on the Prom provides drinking water for dogs.  Which was much used.

This Great Black Backed Gull looks extremely tatty, but I was quite envious of its ability to have a cooling paddle.

Home again and a fellow artist friend visiting.  Very impressed with the 'new' shedudio.  

"It looks bigger!"  

You would have thought an artist would have been aware that was down to it being painted white......

Even hotter again tomorrow.  

When I am more mentally alert the DP and I will continue to design the garden to make it more disabled user friendly.  My visiting friend has a son in law who is a very good builder and we have him coming for a discuss.  

So although struggling - still planning!


Sue in Suffolk said...

This heat must be so difficult for you and quite unusual too and according to the forecast we have another week of it down here but I hope it cools down a bit for you

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear this is a bad day,, hopefully tomorrow will be better, the new look to the studio and plans for the garden are wonderful projects to keep your mind busy when all you can do is sit,, its truly amazing the places we can go and the things we can accomplish all in our imagination all from the comfort of our chair ! !! Take care my friend,, hope you find your wind,

Bovey Belle said...

I hope it really cools down for you very soon. We have a VERY hot weekend ahead, and are all set up for our Fair in the giant greenhouse at the Botanic Gardens of Wales.

Bovey Belle said...

Just to let you know we survived the first day of the Fair, but it was - wait for it - 118 deg. F in the glasshouse where we were standing. That's 48 deg. C. Blardy HOT! Fortunately we were quite near the door with the big blower in it, and had a fan apiece which kept us from suffocating, but it didn't do to walk round the glasshouse. Oh my goodness - and it is meant to be hotter tomorrow! Thank heavens for freezing a small bottle of water which was refreshing in between ordinary drinks of water.

I hope it is cooler for you today.