Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Can somebody turn the heat off?

It is cool now.  Evening all.  Last night, once the smoke had cleared, nature showed it can do mist far better.

And more beautiful.

Today was hot - again - and breezy - again.

I got to the Prom.  Got out of the car and to the railings.

Swimming, without a wet suit, in the North Sea.  Must be hot.

Fishing boat.  I got back in the car then , and came home.

More on the clock.

Hoping to get 5 Oystercatchers on the clock face, but there may be just a bum of the fifth!

The baby Robin or another visited.

As did a young Redpoll.

And a Willow Warbler.

Really likes the Angelica.

Tomorrow it will be hotter than today.  I have my foot lady at 2 p.m. so may give the Prom a miss.  Or go later.  Can't decide.  The heat which no-one can switch off has switched off my brain.

Thanks Vic - the yellow flower is indeed Coreopsis, one of a shed load of perennials I bought as plug plants and nursed them into the garden but forgot which was which despite labelling.....


Sandi said...

YES, somebody please turn the heat off!

Great pics of the sea... :)

mamasmercantile said...

The misty photos are such a delight you captured the beauty so well. I know I said this yesterday but I do love the clock it will make a great feature.

Bovey Belle said...

No Redpolls here but lovely to see yours. I was watching a Robin drink from a bucket of water I had on one side for watering round. He was THIRSTY!

It's been a bit cooler here (overcast days and even a little rain, but didn't even do more than damp the top mm of soil.) You have my sympathies at the excessive heat though - no fun when it has such an impact on your breathing. I bet (like me) you are looking forward to the autumn (which is going to come early this year).

LOVING your clock painting.

Kitty Greene said...

You're very talented - love the idea of turning a palette into a clock face !