Monday, 30 July 2018

Where do I begin?

Where do I begin?  At the beginning of course.  5.30 a.m. the wee one awakes.  Shouting.  He has just discovered his shout and kept on practising.  At 8 a.m. I gave up and got up.  

The DP, the daughter and the grandsons went off to do things while I remained to wait for me to come round.

They went to Aden Country Park.

There is also a Farming Museum.  Where you can see a real cow and milk a pretend cow.

Photos via the DP.

After a while I realised I had not seen Sith cat.  Cat is not allowed in upstairs bedrooms.  But grandchildren have to be reminded to close doors.  Could he be up there?  

First I checked the shedudio. Nope.  So stairs then.  Now I havent been up any stairs for two years.  But I did it.  No cat.

Garage.  The wind was really strong and aiming for the garage door.  I could not open it.

Next problem.  I phoned the DP - the phone rang - I heard it - it was on the kitchen table.  I then phoned the daughter.  No reply.  

I had wanted to go down to the Prom today.  But had also discovered the DP's car keys hanging on the hook.  So how was he going to get back in the house if I had gone out?

Decided not to go out.  Daughter rang back and said they would be back at about 3.30.  This was 2 p.m. So I went down to the shedudio and loaded the chariot up with bird food to feed the birds outside.

A shout.  They were back.  And had released Sith from the garage.  I collapsed.

A totally s***t day for me.......

I then did more on the clock.

And Sith Cat by my feet, safest place to be!

Calmer now.

The one who woke us all up this morning, bathed and soon to be bedded.

Wanting to do a high five with Grandma.  I did.

The end.


Catsngrams said...

Don't you had it when your furry friends go missing or you hear them whining and you have to search the house to see where they are. I think they should make an app for that. "Find my pet" app. Of course then we would have to find our phone to get to the app. Oh life is just too complicated. Glad you made it up and down the stairs. Good for you. Well I think we both need a nap. Take care

crafty cat corner said...

How frustrating but I guess that comes in to a lot of your days. Tom is getting a bit frustrated as he is unable to do a lot of things he used to take for granted, we've just got to go with the flow.
I can imagine losing the cat was a worry, if one of mine is missing I panic, lol
Lets hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

DUTA said...

The picture of the mother and the bathed little one is adorable!
As for Sith cat -"all's well that ends well" ; safe by your feet.

Anonymous said...

well that was a scare about sith, but my gosh having that beautiful baby there must be heaven,, that red hair,, I love a ginger !!

Bovey Belle said...

I wish I had a pound for every time I went on a cat hunt here - I'd be a rich woman!! Glad he was found and let out anyway (but he was probably happy to be in a quiet place!)

It sounds like the wee one is in charge of alarm call duties at the moment, but he looks a real poppet.

Your clock is looking marvellous.

I hope you can relax today and get down to the Prom too.

mamasmercantile said...

What a day, but thankfully all's well that ends well. You are blessed with a very cute alarm clock. The actual clock is fantastic, I am in awe of your talent.

BadPenny said...

Poor Sith cat. It must be lovely but tiring for you x