Monday 23 July 2018

Back to the mundane.

For some weeks now I have had two soft tyres.  The DP fills the car up for me and checks the tyres and always has to pump up the two off side.  No excuse today.  No Open Shedudio. So off I went to the garage that does tyres, batteries and exhausts.  It is a local family firm which we go to for tyres, batteries and exhausts and have done for years.  

I wish they did more, like servicing and MOTs.  But they stick to t.b&e.  

As you drive in to the car park a young man approaches and after the 'Fit like?' greeting.  (How are you in Doric.)  You tell him what the problem is.  I also asked him to check all four tyres for legality of tread also.  

When I was fitter I was asked to drive my car onto the ramp.  But now it is hand over the keys and go sit in the office.  With chariot.

Half an hour later I had read all of the Hello magazines and some interesting ones about motors and tyres.  

The young man returned handed me the keys and said, "Done.  It was your rims."  

Aye that's me reversing out of the disabled parking spot on the prom and going up the kerb...... I am getting my credit and debit card out, depending on how much it is.  £30.  I went into shock.  I have never had anything done at a garage that didnt cost a lot more.  They could have ripped me off, I have no idea, and how much is labour these days?  I paid cash.  He had parked my car just outside the big doors so I didnt have to walk far.  Awwww.

So - off to the Prom, making sure I left enough space between me and the kerb.

The Golden Horn and the sea.

Tiger Hill sand dune and the sea now going out.

Douglas Currie - old lifeboat.  Waiting for the Laura Moncur, another old lifeboat, and our very own modern one.  So we have had three lifeboats in our harbour today.

A friend took the above one.

Kids and dogs having fun!

Back home and when I had finished in the Shedudio I had a look round the garden that I can get to with the chariot.

Day Lily.  Which in this heat - 25 degrees today - is a half day lily.

Clematis that climbs round the Cordyline.

Another Clematis which has a support but ignores.  In all these photos yes we do have lots of weeds.

So - a good day.


kjsutcliffe said...

we have a few favourite family run business's we support and they seem to charge a fair price as apposed to the inflated costs of the chain firms.

You asked about my little hand made books - I have already gifted them as 'birthday cards' to like minded folk. People actually collect them and can pay silly money for them - but I am not in that league! I am only doing it as a way of keeping the art muscles in my head busy :)

wherethejourneytakesme said...

Will they be servicing the chariot too? It must feel good to have your rims back in good order and so cheap!
I think my clematis likes to go off on a wander - certainly the sweet peas do they are all over to the right of the support!

Mylittlepieceofengland said...

How good to have a garage worked by such decent people, as you say, shame they don’t do more. Beautiful pictures, I like to think I can feel the breeze coming off the water xx

DUTA said...

The kids and the dogs - such a sweet picture!

Chris said...

Lovely shade of clematis!

mamasmercantile said...

Sounds like a great service and impressive price.

Louise Stopford said...

Your photo's are really lovely. All the ones of "The Prom" make me want to actually be there - it looks so idyllic. Your "Shedudio" and garden photo's are marvellous. You really do live in a superb place. Really enjoying your blog.