Sunday, 15 July 2018

Rain forecast TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!

I so hope they got the forecast right.  We went to over 23 degrees, which is nearly 80 in old money.  So I did not drive to the Prom today.

The birds are all at it again, collecting nesting material, in many cases this will be the fourth brood.  

That's like me having all my four kids in a year.  

Are they mad?  The bird population round here is already off the scale.  It will cost us a fortune this winter, not that it does not already.  But not complaining really.

Sith cat.  Sprawled.  On the Shedudio verandah.

I was sprawled less elegantly inside the shedudio.  This weather turns my small brain into mush.  No painting.  Dreadful.  I normally start to twitch if I haven't painted.

In the evening I open the patio doors in the dining room.

The bird up there is one of those you stick on the window to stop birds flying into the glass.  I am going to have to make some for the Shedudio.  Now it has the large areas of glass.  We have had one fatality, a young Chaffinch.  I have some black paper and will cut out some silhouettes.

The dining room is a gallery of the DP'S photos.  There are a couple of my paintings and a couple we have bought from a fellow artist.  But the DP has the run of the house.  Mine, as you know, are mainly in the Shedudio.  Open this Friday!  Still lots to do.

Outside the patio doors I am really pleased to see the Teasels have returned.  Quite small, but plenty time to grow and flower and then the Goldfinches get the seeds and I have the dried heads to display.

If it does rain tomorrow I shall stand out in it. And get wet - and cool. ish.


DUTA said...

Rain is the name of the game. Lucky you! We won't have any rain until...winter!
Good Luck with your Open Shedudio on Friday!

Anonymous said...

its crazy hot here for us, and like you said old money, I hate the Celsius we have in Canada, I'm still stuck in farenhiet lol,,I just know that its 90 here and you can count on one hand the number of times we've hit that,, so, Sith is smart,, time to just relax,, you too!!!!

crafty cat corner said...

Lucky you if you get the rain, just had a look at the forcast and looks like we will miss it again. So fed up with this now, like you and your painting, I can't sew so well in the heat.
As for the antibiotics, I suppose its trial and error to find the one that suits. still b itching now although not so bad.

Sandi said...

I'd like some rain too!

MarleneS said...

I hope you get the rain forecast Jill, we had some on Friday for a few hours.

Jean. said...

Sith behaves exactly like my two black beauties. They've either been sprawled out like that in the sitting room or sprawled out like that on the patio slabs in the shade. I can imagine them going, "Phew, I'm hot." :-)

The Weaver of Grass said...

I know what you mean about standing out in it if it rains. Everywhere here is so very dry and all the grass has dried yellow - a couple of hour's rain on Friday has disappeared into the ground which is as dry as it ever was. Good luck with that open day.

mamasmercantile said...

e had rain on Friday which has brought the temperatures right down, its actually quite cool.