Sunday, 8 July 2018

Open Shedudio.

Dates fixed.  July 20th - 22nd.  

Just afternoon.  

Hoping this heat has gone by then.  The whole of the Northern Hemisphere is suffering.  

I have two weeks to tweak, work out how many paintings to put a reduction on .  

The DP will make some cakes.  

I will prepare stuff for visitors to 'have a go'.  

Have done nothing today.

But boy oh boy wish I could do this.


Anonymous said...

me too!!!

Bovey Belle said...

Bird envy! In the past week when my hair gets wet with perspiration, I just stick it under the cold tap. VERY refreshing!

I am sure your shedudio will look wonderful when you have your open day and I only wish that I lived nearer so I could visit, but I shall follow your blog postings and that will be nearly as good. Don't overdo things in this heat.

MarleneS said...

Good luck with your sale, I have been filling up the bird bath around 3 times a day.

kjsutcliffe said...

Our birds are enjoying splashing too :) Good luck with your open studio x

wherethejourneytakesme said...

The bullocks in the field opposite have been having a dustbath in the crater created by the rabbits - not sure why they do that - I would prefer the birds way of splashing around in the bird bath.
Hope you have a good few days with your Open Day.