Saturday 14 July 2018


Not a breath of wind.  So 22 degrees stayed at 22 degrees.  Doesnt sound much to some but for us it is HOT.

The DP came with me to the Prom as I think he was worried I would go off in a puff of smoke.

Boat hurtling into the harbour.

Blackheaded Gull with its black head now fading.  By the winter time they have just the odd splodge of black.

We were not out long.  Even the DP said the heat was not pleasant.

Both doors and both windows open.

Thank goodness it is not a conservatory with a glass roof.

To add to Mr Trumps trumps he has upset a few million more by disrespecting the Queen.

I am no monarchist but to be so rude to an old woman is awful.  And it begs the question why was he not briefed on protocol but then again perhaps he was.......

It is still hot.  More of the same forecast for tomorrow.

But good news I have a home hairdresser booked for next week.  Less hair - could mean my head is cooler.


Anonymous said...

looks lovely at the Prom today,, your sheduio looks amazing as always and Trump, well what can we say,, he says he's real well educated , his words, and he said, and I quote, " I know big words, lots of words ",, lol I couldn't believe when he said that, so if be that stupid then him not knowing proper protocol when in the audience of the Queen I am not surprised at all, what an embarrassment to the world, or worse yet, to think he was most likely briefed on procedure and totally disregarded it well, that proves he is just ignorant. Sorry American's, I think he's rude, ignorant, selfish and in the wrong job. But I'm Canadian so it's none of my business I have been told.

Bovey Belle said...

It was very hot here again today too - I couldn't stay out in it for long as it was so humid. I've just been out this evening (I forgot to shut the windows on the car, let alone lock it!) and it was refreshingly cool and I could breath well again!

That was reassuring of your DPto go with you to the beach - I expect you are really struggling in these temperatures. There is rain coming to Scotland I see - but nowhere near you, sadly. You need to go to Orkney on holiday tomorrow!

Your shedudio and the view across the garden look so lovely. A wonderful place to retreat on a hot day like the ones you've been having recently. I meant to ask, do you get much snow in Winter, or does being near the coast make a difference?

Good luck with the hairdresser and I hope no hairspray is in evidence this time.

wherethejourneytakesme said...

Your shedudio looks quite cool and inviting in the photo. Has it rained there at all it rained here (West Yorkshire) yesterday - lovely and refreshing.
I suspect Trump had been told of the protocol but made a point in not following it to prove that he bows down to no one.
He will one day get back as good as he gives out.
I expect the Queen will probably have been prepared for his rudeness.

carolyn said...

I humbly apologize to the Queen and the rest of the world for this orange shitgibbon. He is a true embarrassment to most of us in the U.S. Thanks for the protests from all the wonderful Brits.

BadPenny said...

I wish the Queen could send him to cool off in the Tower of London.

Gail, northern California said...

Forgive the ass, he knows not what he does, or worse yet, does and is rude and crude anyway. I think he's off his rocker and the sooner we can nail him, the better and it has to be irrefutable criminal charges. Simply voting him out of office won't solve issues he's encouraged in our election system.

Grammy Braxton said...

There are no words to explain this man. I was embarrassed for our whole country while he was visiting yours. And for the record, he was explained the protocol, but he doesn't listen because he thinks it doesn't pertain to him. I love reading your blog and seeing all your photos. I do hope the weather cools soon.

Sharon Braxton