Thursday 26 July 2018

Enough already.

So hot today I did not go out to the Prom.

I had my feet done by my Foot Health Practitioner.  Cut me toe nails and massaged some oil into me feet.  Not sure she is that impressed with me walking around barefoot.  But as I cannot get any shoes on, or even flip flops, I do not have a choice.

So to the  Shedudio.

We are providing lots of water around the garden for the birds, and anything else that need it.

And they do.  Plus the pleasure for us of watching them.

I now have four Oystercatchers on the Shedudio clock.  One more to do.  Still trying to work out  quite where to put it.  Then the whole thing has to have the background finished, then varnished, clock hands to be fitted and then up.

Outside is now totally pale grey.  No wind.  And still warm.  Tomorrow the forecast is for rain and later in the day thunder and lightning.  Really not enjoying this weather and fully expecting the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Before that.  This was last night at Peterhead Scottish Week.  The Red Arrows.  And a seagull.  In perfect formation.

Photo by Paul Kennedy.  Ace capture.  Hope it makes you smile as it did me.


MarleneS said...

I think we have all had enough of this heat now Jill, lovely pictures of the sparrows, I just love birds so much, like yourself.

Jean. said...

What about one third of an oystercatcher (head end), facing left, on the top right of the clock (near the red chicken on the tablecloth.)
Then half one, (head end) facing right, in the space on the left. Or would that be too crowded? You could always do a bum end disappearing for variety, ha ha! :-)

rusty duck said...

The Red Arrows shot is just brilliant!
Hold on Jill, this weather can't last much longer surely. One miserable raindrop on the chart for here.. I'd be grateful for even that.

Chris said...

I have found the robins are most likely to take a bath in the bird bath, but your sparrows seem to be enjoying themselves.

wherethejourneytakesme said...

Great photo of the Red Arrows!

mamasmercantile said...

A joy to see the birds at the water. The clock face just gets better and better, stunning.