Sunday 10 February 2019

Ups and Downs.

Today was one of the DPs bird watching jaunts.  Not far today just to Peterhead.  Regular outings organised by our local branch of the RSPB.

There were 22 birdwatchers today.  Here are some of them, photo taken by the DP, along with lots of bird photos.

Meanwhile back at the ranch.

The Shredder arrived and went into action.

Fed this by pile.

At this point I decided to make a swift exit.  Lots of bits and dust in the air.

So - some deep sea air breathing.  A very short walk.  The morning had been fine, sunny, no wind.  Suddenly no sun, back came the wind and it was cold.

Being a Sunday people and dogs abounded so there was  little else to see other than a few Oystercatchers.

Back home.

We can spread this now.  Apparently what it does, the mulch in this state, is remove the nitrogen in the soil, then it replaces it.  So we could leave it there to do all that or spread it about a bit.  Thats up to the DP!  We also got lots of sticks and trunks/logs to dry out for eventual use in wood burning stoves.

I have been in touch with the joiner to come and quote for a replacement fence. He will be here in the next few days.  The DP is to contact the council to say where we are at and ask for a kerb to be put round the corner as already we have vehicles speeding past and driving over the verge.....

Apart from my Prom visits here is another wee view of my other sanity space.

I would like to say thank you to you all for the supportive comments.  It means a lot.  

Bureaucracy gone mad but when threatened with court action for encroaching on the highway what can you do.  Anyone with a brain would know making the junction easier to speed round is not necessarily a good idea.  I am also taking bets as to how long the new fence lasts even if it is a few inches in.  The rocks we were told to remove will be replaced within our boundary which is legal.  I shall take great satisfaction for the first person coming through the fence when they damage their vehicle....

Ups and Downs.


rusty duck said...

That’s the spirit!

Chris said...

I enjoyed your video. You always have such nice music playing.

Bovey Belle said...

Make those rocks BIG ones Jill! I hope that all the dust in the air from the removal and chipping of your hedge hasn't made your breathing worse. You have done all you can ref. that corner and then the Council decide to make it even better to hurtle round . . .

I hope that you and the birds had the beach to yourselves today. I will run the video after my bath . . .

Swiss Frank said...

... as a one man bird protector with 58 little houses to look after and member of three protection societies, l learned that oyster catchers live to be 36 years old ... fairly amazing but l’m sure the DP knew that. Or as Michael Caine so nice put it “not many people know that ... “

Best wishes!

Swiss Frank

Rosie said...

I do like your attitude. My daughter in law has just been elected to her council for the purpose of trying to get some common sense into them but she has already found some opposition but she is strong and like you will stand her ground where possible. I hope your fence issue is resolved satisfactorily for you and the council.