Saturday 23 February 2019


We haven't seen the sun all day.

Then this evening we get this -

Weather today was the Glums.  Remember the Glums?  'Ooooh Ron." and "Ooooh Eth."?
The radio was good in the old days was it not!  Showing my age now.

My walk on the Prom today was a bit boring.  No sea birds as children were doing King Canute games.  And screaming a lot.  I am always careful about photographing children so none here.  

This is a very large fishing boat.  So large it needs the Pilot.

The Pilot boat.

Having taken the Pilot on board.  The Pilot boat departs.  The Pilot is then in charge of taking the big boat into the harbour.

As this manoeuvring took half an hour I had done my walk and more.  So you will not see the boat going in as neither did I.

Back home and watched Blackbirds having a bath, one after the other. This is one.

Then it was the sunset.  One has to take pleasure in little things.  Like the glass of red wine I now have.....


Jules said...

The sunset is beautiful. Perhaps the promise of a brighter day tomorrow.
I like to think I take pleasure in the little things but I usually insist on a large glass of wine. X

Hilary said...

I totally concur....find your joys wherever you can.

Hilary said...

Yes, find your joys wherever you can.

MarleneS said...

Lovely sunset, that is a very big boat.
The birdbath here has seen many visitors the last few days.

Chris said...

Gorgeous sunset! No birds bathing here as we are still covered with a sheet of ice. But they are busy at the bird feeders as there is no way they can find any food on the ground, poor things!

Susan Heather said...

Lovely sunset and I remember the Glums well. As you say there were great radio programmes back in the day.

mamasmercantile said...

Such a beautiful sunset, glorious colours.