Monday 18 February 2019

COPD limiting life not life threatening.

When I was first diagnosed with COPD I was told it was life limiting not life threatening.  Well that is very true.  My life continues to be more and more restricted.  But I am still here.  Today the Microwave was placed into a cupboard.  

This is where it stood.  But the thing to the left on the windowsill is our EE Router for the internet and when it goes off one has to switch it off and back on again.  The plug was behind the microwave.  So one had to move the microwave to get at the plug.  With me so far?!  So lightbulb moment move the microwave, it has gone into a cupboard in the dining room.  We don't use it.  It was for me to microwave ready meals when the DP was away.  This has not happened, he has been away, but I do not go into shops, where I might pick up infections, to buy ready meals.

You might like to see our kitchen decor.  It is for preparing food is a kitchen.  So here are some of the food related wall decor.

The DPs photo on canvas of a lobster we once ate!

Also the DPs photo on canvas of a Puffin with his supper of Sand eels!

To the Prom.  Which was very windy again. This can be life limiting when you are 4 feet 10 and weigh 7 stone something and the wind actually moves you....

Here you can see the wind whipping up the surf.

Some of the Gull Gang.

My all time favourites - Oystercatchers.  


Have made this extra large so you can see the Turnstones in amongst the rocks.  The tide was on its way out hence the wet, shiny rocks.

My daily trip to the Prom is a life saver for me.  It doesn't matter how fed up, depressed, physically struggling, when I get to the Prom that all fades into copeability - is that a word?  Sanity comes with Vitamin Sea.  Never fails.

Then its back home and to the Shedudio.  

I think the title for this will be "We are all different - but the same."


Bovey Belle said...

I am glad that you still enjoy life despite the limitations of COPD. Had to smile at the microwave being in the cupboard now, but even more at the photo of the Lobster wot you once ate!!

Lovely sea photos and birds as ever. Just as well you didn't have a balloon about your person or you'd have been aloft!

Chris said...

Windy but sunny - it's the same here. I took a walk today and got my Vitamin D, not as invigorating as your vitamin sea but it did blow away the cobwebs.

DUTA said...

What's important is that your Spirit is not limited. And so, with the help of a loving husband and family, your spirit overcomes your physical issues and turns you into a functioning and creative person.

wherethejourneytakesme said...

It is like a spot the difference - both the Turnstones amongst the rocks and your lovely picture. Good thinking about the microwave - not sure about the lobster pic though being veggie I have tomatoes on my wall!

Catsngrams said...

I do not know which is worse COPD or chronic pain both I guess. I wish I had your spirit some days I just want to give up and I don't have a prom to go to. I love your pictures and your spirit to keep going. You inspire me. If you can do it so can I.

mamasmercantile said...

Such an uplifting post. I did smile at your height as I am 1" taller and it is rare to find anyone smaller than me. Sadly I am overweight and have made a start on doing something about it. Love the canvas's in your kitchen.

Susan Zarzycki said...

I love your oystercatcher pictures! Would you mind if I used them occasionally on my blog? Or course I will link back to you.

Catriona said...

Your daily photos of the sea and its inhabitants boosts me every day. Thank you.