Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Noisy and Smelly.

Noisy from all the bird song.  Well into breeding mode here.  Pairing off.  Who can sing the loudest.  Deafening.

Smelly.  Farmers making the most of it.  Cows turned out.  Piles of their well rotted manure into whatever they call the machine and then spread on the fields.  The Muck spreader sounds like an old washing machine cranking up for a spin cycle.  The field to our rear is huge.  I was glad the spreading was done close up to us first so that when we wanted to be in the garden, and the shedudio, the smell had faded somewhat!

Still no wind.  Sunshine all day.

I had to dig out the coat I had bought for Summer it was so warm today.  

Fishing boat leaving the harbour.  Just look at the calm sea and the colour.

Noisy here too as the sea birds are all gearing up and pairing up.  Lots of shouting and shrieking if another bird gets too near the chosen one.

Herring Gulls known as Skurries up here.

Oystercatchers and Blackheaded Gulls.  Some pairing.

And some threesomes.....

Some just hanging out.

When I came home, and sorry no photograph, the DP was sitting on the patio with my mate D, also my picture framer, having coffee and Raspberry and white chocolate muffins!  In February, Global Warming/Warning methinks.

They were a bit noisy.  But not smelly.

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mamasmercantile said...

Peculiar weather indeed, it is warming up here to with signs of Spring here and there. Although I do think we are been lulled into a false sense of security are temperatures are set to plummet again at the weekend.