Thursday 7 February 2019

The Prom.

My daily visit to the Esplanade, it's proper name, is my sanity saver.  No matter the weather.  I breathe in the clean sea air.  Look at the state of the tide.  See what birds are around.  Chat occasionally, always say hello to others there, including the woman who cleans the toilets!  Her visits to work coincide with my visits to relax.

The tide was almost fully in.

Surging up the Kessock Burn.

The Oystercatchers were all dozing on the bit of sand left.

I focussed on some groups, odd numbers of course!  Future paintings possibly.

Small fishing boat heading out to fish.  From Ullapool I think. UL.

A Stonechat.  Another bird I was pleased to capture as they flit about.  You can tell how small it is as it is perched on a stalk of dune grass.

Back home and the Shedudio more on the Redshank reflections.

Started another - of Sanderlings - also paddling in water.  Started with pen and ink.

While I was out the DP and his bird watching mate saw a Brambling outside the Shedudio.  So they were well pleased.

I tried to use the syringe thing pilling the cat.  No way.  So back to manually and got both pills down him.

Sith Cat being naughty.

His chair is opposite with a blanket.....  I ignored him.

Wind and rain forecast tomorrow.  But I have some new warm leggings from Seasalt, so should be easier to put my windproof waterproof over trousers on.  I will be there.  At the Prom.


busybusybeejay said...

I love your daily visits to the prom .So glad you share them with us.
Where do you sell your paintings?Do you have a website? Barbarax

Jean. said...

Beautiful Sith cat is not being naughty, ....he's getting his own back ! I'll show YOU !

Chris said...

I couldn't figure out why Sith cat was being naughty....until I saw the chair where he is supposed to sit. He had a very mysterious expression on his face.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Nothing to do with anything except coincidence ..........the book I just finished has the main characters going by train to Ullapool.

Then I wondered ....have you ever painted fishing boats?

Jean said...

Such lovely birds and great you go out every day. I love your photos