Friday, 8 February 2019

Storm Erik

Must be bad if we have a named storm.  Tho Erik spelt that way, not Eric with a c, had me wondering where it came from.

30 mph and gusting to a lot more.  So I managed to get me and the chariot to the railings.  Forgot to both brakes on so the chariot kept doing wheelies and bashing into my leg.

Waves having fun by the rocks.  Not quite swamping the Golden Horn which would indicate a proper big wind.  Erik you failed.

Tide heading in.  This blue sky rapidly became black.

Not very happy bunch of Oystercatchers.  I dared not move to get any closer.  Just managed to get back to the car before the rain returned.

Shedudio nice and cosy.

Sanderlings progressing.

Brief glimpse of part of the Shedudio.  At the end, if you have the sound on, you will hear Sith Cat demanding I return to the house and feed him.

Eventually I did.

Storm Erik beginning to calm down a bit.


Chris said...

Yes, I could hear his plaintive little voice - so hard dome by!

Jean. said...

With just my oldish smart phone and not having a computer, I can't watch your video. Is it on youtube ? I could only find things on Montana, land of the big sky.

Jules said...

Storm Erik kept me awake much of last night. I hope Sith cat's demands have since been met. 🐱

mamasmercantile said...

The winds have been quite strong here too, thankfully I don't have to go out.

pat chester said...

Storm named after my son-in-law Erik whose birthday was last week. Only had high winds here in Norfolk.