Sunday, 3 February 2019

All change.

Soooooooooo COLD.  More snow today .  But weather forecast is -  back to normal tomorrow.  Above freezing, rain and wind.  Whoopee do.

The beach today.  With some original art?  I think not.  Everyone was wrapped up warmly.  It didnt work, the wind was horrible.  Walked but it defeated me.

Shedudio was nice and cosy.  The DP comes and lights the stove as I leave for the Prom.  Some painting.

More playing about really!

Tomorrow morning we have our tree man calling round.

The Leylandii Hedge.  If you remember just before Christmas the Council said we had to get it back to behind our boundary which lies somewhere in the middle of the hedge.  To trim it back to that picket fence will kill the hedge so we might as well have it removed.  So advice and a quote forthcoming.  Hey ho.  A cost I could well do without.

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kjsutcliffe said...

You are correct in saying cutting the hedge back that hard will kill it. My folks have/had a leylandii hedge that their landlord in his wisdom cut back to the main trunk. What a mess. My folks, who had been dispairing at the size of the hedge in the first place, were horrified at the carnage. In the end, the landlord put up a larchlap fence to hide the mess. He could not take the hedge down as it is the neighbours. .. so complicated.