Friday, 22 February 2019

Dynasty and other things.

Got my favourite carer back today.  So the wash body and hair was a breeze.

A meeting of the Art Group in the afternoon.  I sat, took the minutes and felt totally inadequate as plans were discussed for fundraising for some replacement display boards.  At one time I would have been organising it all...  

So later for my walk on the Prom.

Very gloomy, not warm and breezy.  So yesterday was a one off.

I like it best when there are not many people.  Much more of a slope on the beach.  Fascinating to see what daily changes there are.

Huge container ship on the horizon.

Only four Oystercatchers.  Birds are beginning to pair up now as we head into the mating season.

Blackheaded Gulls.  Lovely red legs!

Today the Postie brought me my winning gift for being a member of the 6000 club of the North East Wildlife Rescue Centre -  The New Arc.

Its a Pot Pourri holder, the lid lifts off.  But even without Pot Pourri it is beautiful.
Heavier and bigger than I was expecting.  It was made and donated to the New Arc by Alan Maggs at Branching Out.

Oh the Dynasty, nearly forgot....October I will be a grandmother to 7 Grandchildren - and, not forgetting, a cat.  


Mary Bolton said...

You mentioned how hard it is to talk a new carer through your routine.
Have you considered writing it out to hand over to the newbies?

Catsngrams said...

Jill I love the prize you recieved and yes even without the potporri it is beautiful. Gloomy weather here also but the sun has to shine sometime. We will keep our spirits up and hope for a sunny tomorrow.
Take care and loving the pictures. I especially love the one of the cargo ship. I have never seen one except on TV.


DUTA said...

Congrats on the good news: a 7th grandchild and a winning gift (potpourri holder)!

Catriona said...

The bowl is so beautiful-what a lovely prize. The Men’s Shed that my husband attends has recently hought a lathe so I have high hopes for a beautiful bowl of my own sometime this century!

mamasmercantile said...

Such a beautiful prize, it is stunning. I love it when the beaches here are deserted and I have them to myself too. Windy here today.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Love that turned wood pot and the top is brilliant.
When my mum was very ill and had a carer it drove my dad mad because they were always different and each time he had to show them how to use the hoist etc - took so long he might as ell have done it himself!

7 Grandchildren - congratulations!

BethB from Indiana said...

Gorgeous bowl. Even if you never use it for potpourri, is just simply beautiful, and can go on a shelf or a table.