Saturday 16 February 2019

Spring on the way.

A taster of Spring today.  No wind, wall to wall sunshine.  Good to see and experience.  I was below par today but pushed myself and tried hard!

Willie and May Gaull, our lifeboat heading back to harbour today. › ... › Fraserburgh Lifeboat Station - RNLI Lifeboat Stations   for more interesting info.

The Lifeboat goes really fast.

The Prom was busy with families.  Most of the birds were on the left by the rocks.  Well away from where families dug, paddled....

Mostly Blackheaded Gulls with the odd Skurry, Herring Gull, to show the difference in size.

Group of Oystercatchers.

Back home a visit from a male Pheasant.  

Not one I recognise.  He was also quite nervy.

I sat for a while with the door of the Shedudio open.  A first this year.  Although the fire was lit!

The canvas is now full of Oystercatchers.  For the purists I just noticed there are 10.  I should have had an odd number.  Well there isnt.  I might be able to fit another in.  Hmm.
I have done the background .

While sitting down in the Shedudio one thing sprang to mind.

I am finding it most disconcerting having the traffic on full view and am therefore more conscious of it.  Its also noisier without the old hedge soaking up the noise.  Just waiting for my joiner to come and quote then we can get the new fence and a new hedge planted.

Really need to get that done while Spring is here.

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The Weaver of Grass said...

Nice photographs. I have to keep reminding myself that, although it feels Springlike, we thought that last year and then the Beast from the East Struck.