Friday, 15 February 2019

I have been Cloned.

Just do not call me Dolly.  

This started when I had a friend request on facebook.  Which I accepted as it was someone I knew. - And who was already a friend.  DOH.  

My friends then began receiving friend requests from me or receiving stupid messages. 

 I have changed my password twice.  Also my profile picture.  And put a big warning up on my home page.  Apparently Cloning is the new way for hackers, and they target people of a certain age.  Older people who they hope will be stupid enough to ....blah blah.  Ok I was stupid.  Be aware.

I had a different carer this morning.  So had to tell her the routine, by which time I was exhausted talking, but got through it.  My usual carer is on holiday.

A beautiful day!  Warm -ish.  No hat.  No wind.  Sun.  Bliss.  

Also lots of sea birds on the shore.



The Gull Gang.


One woman and her dog cleared the entire beach with her whanging a ball towards any group of birds.  Why?

Home to the Shedudio.

A Long Tailed Tit!!!  Lovely wee birds but only one today.  Maybe more tomorrow.

Here it is with a Blue Tit so you can see how small it is.

Meanwhile I was adding more Oystercatchers to the canvas.  More to come.

Just off to check how many more facebook friends the clone has upset.......


Bovey Belle said...

Sorry you had to do all that explaining to the new carer. At least she'll know next time.

Isn't it lovely to be WARM?! outside. I was nearly down to a t-shirt when gardening yesterday.

Love the beach pics, as ever, with the birdlife. We have been having 6 - 8 Long Tailed Tits, ditto Goldfinches, a pair of Nuthatches, a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker plus all the usual Tits and Chaffinches etc to my feeder by the kitchen window - also a Sparrowhawk coming by for attempted lunch sometimes too. Lots of treees round our house = lots of birds. Hope you get more LTT tomorrow.

kjsutcliffe said...

Is that why a had a very strange conversation with you last night ..... It wasn't you! Did think it a very odd conversation.....

MarleneS said...

Great pics of the long tail tit we had a few stop by last year and I was thrilled.
Social media can be a nightmare for sure.
Have you changed your header photo?

mamasmercantile said...

Sorry to hear about your Facebook problems. Still overcast here but thankfully the wind has slowed down which makes for a better day.

Jean said...

Sorry about the face book fiasco. It can be a pain. Long tailed tits are beautiful.