Wednesday 6 February 2019

Cats and other things.

Sith cat has put on a bit of weight.  So it is carry on with the liver support pills and steroids and back in 6 months.  We have also been given a syringe thing as we struggle to get him to take the pills.  The DP holds him wrapped in a towel and I administer the pills.  I have experience of this over many years of being a cat owner.  Sith cat purrs, sits for some time with me stroking his throat to get him to swallow.  Then as I reach for the other pill he spits the first one out.  This is blue coated and I get blue fingers .....The steroid just makes him froth at the mouth as he holds it in his mouth... So we will see what the syringe can do that I apparently cannot.

Meanwhile youngest child's cat has gone in for a cyst removed, from his tummy.  Has stitches.  Returned home with a cone on his head.  Gone ballistic.  So messages back and forth.  I suggest  not to remove it again,  and feed him with it on and carries on as normal.  As possible.  Phew.

Sunny all day.  

Tide just turning to go out.  There are new sand banks.

Three Blackheaded Gulls come into land and begin preening.

A Rock Pipit.  For once posing.  They normally flick about the rocks catching insects.  This one decided to stay still,  basking in the sun, for me to take a few snaps.  A small bird. 

In the afternoon, friend and fellow artist visited.

She's good isnt she.

I just yakked.

And stressed about cats.


Jules said...

I'm sure cats are highly amused by our pathetic attempts to care for them. The syringe thingy sounds interesting. Is it a magic wand?

Sue P said...

Have you tried 'cat putty' which you can get from the Vet? You wrap the pill in it and hide amongst the cat's food. It tastes nice and in fact our cat would eat the pill straight away.

Chris said...

The sea is so blue, I'm jealous!

Jean. said...

I am so glad that Sith has put on some weight, long may it continue. I know exactly what you mean about pills, my Angel is exactly the same, spits them out when she thinks you are not looking. I imagine your syringe is like the one I have, you put some water in it and then the pill, and as you eject the pill, the water follows and washes it down, ... in theory, and sometimes first go! The blue one has a horrible taste and is supposed to be swallowed whole, hence the foamy mouth, been there, seen it! Some however, you can crush and mix with something like a small amount of tuna or his favourite treat, but like you say, you've done it all before and you know your Sith and his little ways, Lol. They are smart little tinkers aren't they, no fooling them. Good luck with your efforts, he may get used to it with a bit of luck. Don't you just love their cheeky little ways? Lol.

mamasmercantile said...

She really is good but then so are you. Hope the cats are better and healing, the cones are always a drama.

DUTA said...

The little bird in your last three pictures is so sweet!
Quick recovery to your gorgeous Sith cat!

Scarlet said...

Pleased to hear that Sith is improving. Good luck with the syringe!

BethB from Indiana said...

I feel for you having to give meds to your cat. Over the years, our cats have been so sneaky and/or stubborn about taking meds. Good luck with yours.