Friday 1 February 2019

Freezing Friday.

Still freezing.  Struggling breathing today.  Possibly down to the fact it is freezing!  My lovely carer gets upset when I am struggling!  For a young quine she is amazing.  A real carer.

Determined as ever I got to the Prom.

Ice everywhere.  Not getting high tides at the moment - its all to do with the moon apparently.  Hence the swathes of ice untouched by the salty sea.

Gulls up the Kessock Burn as usual.  Not much else bird wise on the beach today.

Two Surfers.  Perhaps I should walk the Prom in a wet suit?  They never seem to feel the cold.

I guess when you can do this you forget the cold.

Small boat, long way out, heading home.

Home again, jiggety jig.  Couldnt settle to do anything as I had a Skype effort with my physio at 3 p.m.  Just before I went back up to the house at 10 to 3 to set it up I saw 3 Fieldfares in our garden!  This photo was taken as they flew off, one settling briefly on the electric wire.

Better get some red apples out on the ground so they may stay longer.

Physio well pleased with me.  We do the Skype so I do not have to go into the hospital where he is based and can avoid infections.  Ace.

A painting I did some time back which I sold.  However I still have the copyright as the artist so I had it put onto a canvas print.  Well pleased.  Sometimes I look back at paintings I have done and think, "Did I really do that?!"  But I did.

So still freezing.  Light snow forecast for Sunday.  We shall see.


Terra said...

Those surfers are hardy souls. How modern you are to Skype with your physiotherapist. I haven't Skyped yet.

mamasmercantile said...

Isn't technology amazing that you can have a consultation with your physio without leaving the house. Love the hare painting. You are one talented lady.

Mary said...

Those surfers may surf well, but I am guessing they can't paint as beautifully as you. A wonderful and lasting talent. Keep that thought.

Jean said...

How lovely to see fieldfares. I love your painting. I just had a first Skype consultation with nutrition clinic. It saved me traveling all day.