Thursday 21 February 2019

A Better Day.

I forgot to pace myself ok!  So got over tired.  Like a child.....I need to be told.

We have had a taster of Spring today.  Big time.

A heat haze!

Shimmering horizon.

Small boats toing and froing.

The tides are continuing to pile up sand causing areas which remain under water.  You need to be well aware of being caught out by the incoming tide in situations like this.

The tide was going out in these pictures but you can see the areas left standing high.  Walking on them when the tide comes sweeping back in very fast, one can easily be trapped.

Beautiful reflections of the sky and the Gull.  I had no hat on today nor gloves.  Warm, windless, weird.

Yet another sign of Spring.  A Blackheaded Gull growing the black feathers on its head indicating mating season is on its way.

I had a beautiful walk on the Prom.

Back home and varnished the canvas of Oystercatchers.  I could do it with the door open as it was so mild and so didnt have to breathe the fumes from the varnish.

All good.

Hope your day has been good too.


Jules said...

It looks glorious. No need to hurry such a day. X

The Weaver of Grass said...

It is lovely here too but spoilt by a sharp rather cold wind which has been blowing for the whole of the week.

Jean said...

Glad you had a better day and enjoyed the sunshine. Beautiful day here too. I enjoy sharing your daily walk.

Sue in Suffolk said...

I'd like a bit of heat haze here please as we had mist that took a while to clear. Today -Friday - has started brighter so I'm hopeful. Take care today, don't do too much rushing about!

mamasmercantile said...

Always nice to take a stroll with you. It was a joy to see the reflection photo, a brilliant shot. Still a little windy and cool here.