Tuesday 19 February 2019

An exhausting but happy day.

My personal carers who wash me from head to toe, moisturise the old skin, dress me, are at the moment different people every time.  I get breathless talking so having to explain the routine is tiring.  Apparently its holiday time for the carers.  I am not complaining as they all deserve a break but  I shall be glad when things get back to normal.

After S carer had gone I did my pulmonary physio exercises.  Then it was to the Prom.

A beautiful weather day.  Sunny, no wind and not too cold.  Not many people.  Not many birds either.

The churning of sand a few days ago has left the beach with this sandbank.  So that is why there is this channel of water remaining after the tide goes out.   This is quite dangerous for people walking and not taking account of the possibilities of getting trapped when the tide comes in.

The Kessock Burn continues its channel into the North Sea.

What is concerning is this white froth round an inlet of the Burn.

None of the Gulls seemed to be bothered.

Today at the Prom I met with my neighbour from the house next door to us.  Quite surreal!  She asked about the fence/hedge situation.  What is even more interesting that she and her husband lived in our house some years back before building the house where they live now, which is across the road from us.  I checked with her that the white fence was actually the boundary and she said it was.  I think the last time we talked was at our house warming in 2011.  I also invited her to come see the Summer House, my Shedudio, now.  She said it was lovely in the Summer but they never went near it in the Winter.

Back in the Shedudio I finished the painting of the Oystercatchers.

Then I had my hairdresser visit and had my hair cut.

I am now totally wiped out, exhausted.

But happy.


vic said...

Couldn't you print out the general routine to save some words? Or does it go down as a lot of questions and answers?

Chris said...

Sounds like a thoroughly pleasant day.

Jean said...

I used to be a carer and was in the Initial team which meant we worked with new people for a few weeks to get things established then handed them over. We never had to ask them the routine as it was all in the care plan which we read as soon as we got in. A lot of our people had dementia of some sort so they couldn't tell us anyway.I love your painting.