Saturday 2 February 2019

Snow on Saturday.

Not much snow.  Still very cold and icy.

I have decided I do not have a chest infection.  TMI if I told you how I have reached that decision, but its down to the colour of my spit.  I now know the breathing worries are down to anxiety.  I worry about stuff = anxiety = breathlessness.  Daft.  It is the mental health issues that go along with a debilitating disease.  Enough.

To the Prom. 

Ice everywhere.  I dare not walk.  So to the railings.  Breathe in the sea air.  

Not many sea birds over by the Kessock Burn.  Beyond that a group of footballers having a run.  There are a number of football pitches over the road from the Prom.  A game was going on with much shouting.  This bunch were training.

Fitness training.  This involves running up Tiger Hill, the big dune.  Although I think strictly speaking one isn't supposed to go on the Dunes at all, but people do, and it is still there.

Blackheaded Gulls with a Common Gull nearest the camera.

Blackheaded Gulls well fluffed against the cold!

Not much sun today so silhouettes of the Redshank.  Good for a painting hmmm.


Bit more on the Short Eared Owl.

When I am painting I never become anxious. I breathe without thinking about it.  Would that I could switch off the anxiety button at other times.  

Last night another Aurora.  Fainter.  Look at all those stars.  The two red lights are on top of two wind turbines.  The bright bluish light on the horizon is our nearest village, street lights.  To the left are the lights of Fraserburgh.

Land of the Big Sky signing off. Goodnight.  Stay warm.


Jean said...

The sky is so beautiful. I understand about the anxiety. I have tummy problems and I try not to get anxious when the twinges start. Just tell myself they will go. Easier said than done.

mamasmercantile said...

Such a beautiful sky, stunning.

DUTA said...

Indeed, sputum color (also urine color) can indicate certain health disorders and be the first warning that something has gone wrong.

It's interesting how birds can sort of ignore the cold, freezing weather. We, humans cannot; we suffer if it's too cold (or too hot).

A hobby is a good way to cope with anxiety, and yet it sometimes absorbs us so much that we do nothing about our real problems. So, there are two sides to the coin.