Monday 25 February 2019

If I was religious I would be scared.

The weather is weird.  Hottest ever in February - in Wales?  It rains in Wales, everyone knows that.

Here it was so strange there was no wind.  No wind.  In February.  Not a breath.  The wind turbines were still.  The sun could not be seen as there were so many clouds and mist.

Looking out to sea to take the photo .  Flat calm sea.  Hazy horizon.  Very strange.

The sky so strange.

The Kessock Burn going in the right direction but being strangled !  Well,  narrowed.

Not done a video for a while so turn the sound up and listen to the beach.  And ignore the jerkiness!

A strange day.  Sun forecast tomorrow.  Strange.


rusty duck said...

Very strange. I would be tempted to say it felt Spring-like but at times more like summer. We will pay for it. All these plants that are bursting into leaf.. there is plenty more time for winter to return.

Mollysmum said...

Thankyou so much for that video. I live in inland Australia and at the moment we are having extremely hot weather. You are very lucky to live near such a beautiful place to refresh yourself. I could watch the seabirds and waves for hours, so calming.

mamasmercantile said...

It rained here on and off all day. What a beautiful header.

crafty cat corner said...

We are all being fooled I think. I can remember snow in April but for now lets all enjoy the warmth.

Bovey Belle said...

I have a feeling we will end up paying for our few days of summer-like spring - here in our part of Wales we quite often have a little bit of snow towards the end of March - just when the Tulips and spring flowers are blooming.

Enjoy it whilst it lasts is all I can say. A few days borrowed from summer are ok by me!!