Tuesday 12 February 2019

Trying to stay sane....

Today I did not think - much- about the Cooncil.  Or about the fence.  However due to road closures elsewhere in the parish we now have buses detouring around the road closures.  Halting at our junction and then having to get a passenger to tell them which way to go!!  The world has gone mad.

Down at the Prom there was a cold wind and it was cloudy.  I plodded along.

Not too many people, or dogs, or children.  So we had

lots of lovely Oystercatchers.

Then the wind dropped and the sun came out.  So I did a video.

And then I did another one.

It was so pleasant I did not want to go home.  But I did.

Painting a bit.  

Redshank reflections.

What do you think this is?!

Sanity restored.


Chris said...

Love the oystercatcher looking at his reflection! Work in progress - is it going to be an owl?

Terra said...

I like the painting with the reflection, it looks very dramatic and promising.

mamasmercantile said...

Enjoyed the videos. The reflection painting is stunning, a real delight.

Maria said...

You do live in a wonderfull place.

I am portuguese and also live by the sea.

I read you blog every day and like your paintings ver much.

Sorry for my english.


Jean said...

I love sharing your outings to the prom. I liked the videos. Your art is beautiful. Is it an owl?

Mary Bolton said...

guessing it will be a rabbit...?

kjsutcliffe said...