Wednesday 30 May 2018

Wednesday wittering.

The older you get..... my exhaustion from visiting family really hit home today.  The weather did not help as it was overcast, the Haar hanging around, cool and rain at about the time I would normally go to the Prom.  Plus lots of workmen standing about looking at the road they were supposed to be repairing.  Despite the sign saying this road will be closed, vehicles were still being allowed to zoom up and down it.

Now a memory.  Back home in Lincoln now.  This is one of the new pieces of equipment at the beach play park.

Magpie beneath the bird feeders.

Blackbird fledgling being fed.  The garden seems full of baby birds.  The noise is deafening.  Some babies are already attempting the feeders.  Oh and the other day we saw a rabbit.  I do not want rabbits.  The grass has been cut, but when I mention weeds the chaps talk about spraying, no.

Dyson with two of his harem.

The Shag.  Finishing it off which is usually the point at which I really do finish it off and it ends up in the bucket.  Fingers crossed that does not happen.  Ah well early bed tonight, have a good one.


Chris said...

The Shag is coming along nicely. I am intrigued how you build up a painting so keep posting the stages to completion, please.

rusty duck said...

You absolutely do not want rabbits. We are overrun here and chez duck has become chicken wire city. Hopefully Sith cat will keep yours in order.