Tuesday, 15 May 2018


Well pleased with all your comments on my market research!  I think I should open a shop with the whole shebang!  Bags I agree with totally and they will certainly be graced by one of my paintings.  Cards I do anyway.  Quite fancy the enamel mug, and coasters ....

I now have to select paintings to reproduce.  What fun.  This chap can do a computer generated image so I can see before I order/buy/put in the facebook shop (Buchan Birds and Beasts).  But hoping also to solve the annual Christmas present problem.....

In amongst all this the DP and I now have a joint exhibition.  At Cafe Connect in Fraserburgh.  This is an internet cafe.  Employs adults with special needs.  Provides all with an internet connection, is a charity, brill.  20% of any of our sales will go to the charity.

Some of the DP'S photos and some of my original paintings.

I managed a walk on the Prom this afternoon.  Very warm and sunny.

There were quite a few Gannets fishing in the bay.  They soar upwards while looking down and then dive very fast to catch the fish they have espied.  Difficult to catch them in a photograph, I managed three!  The other photos consisted of a bit of spray and sea.

The small lobster boats were way out so a bit blurry.

I am sure a Gannet in some shape or form will be adorning a bag, mug and coasters!  Thanks again.


BadPenny said...

Glad you had dood feedback, a joint exhibition sounds fun x

mamasmercantile said...

You are certainly both talented, a wonderful exhibition. It must give you a feel good factor to know that you are helping such a great charity. Glad you were able to get out for a stroll.