Wednesday 2 May 2018

Bird watching.

As many of you know I enjoy watching birds.  And painting them.  The DP enjoys watching birds and photographing them.

I managed the Prom.  But it was raining and my breathing is still difficult so I took my lungfills through the car window. 

Back to the shedudio and home and bird watching - and painting.

Dyson the Pheasant with one of his harem.

Pair of Lesser Redpolls.

Ornamental Cherry Tree blossoming.


Goldfinches and Tree Sparrows.

Male Siskin.

And the beginnings of a watercolour pencil picture of a Greenfinch.  Really enjoying experimenting with this new media.  So much so I have sent off for a wider colour range.  Ooops.  But then I enjoy bird watching.

1 comment:

crafty cat corner said...

If you need something to help to enjoy your craft then I'm all for buying it. I never hesitate if I need a new something or other, life is too short to worry about these things.
The Greenfinch is going to be wonderful.
I have just been looking at goldfinches on google thinking about embroidering one, not sure if I have the patience now though.