Saturday 5 May 2018


Not often I say that !

Swimming in the sea.  No, not me, though I would dearly loved to have paddled, my ankles and feet are like balloons....

For once I was welcoming the breeze which kept me cool.  Just not used to heat like this!

Love is in the air.  

Back home and the Avocet, watercolour, is almost finished.

Still playing and learning about watercolour pencils.

Greenfinch still on the go.

Pair of Coal Tits begun.

Then I see a friend's photo of Spoonbills in flight..... Yes I can paint from the photo.  Roll on tomorrow.  

And it is still going to be hot.....!


crafty cat corner said...

We moan about the cold and now we are moaning about the heat. Trouble is it comes in like a lion and we don't get a chance to get used to it.
Like you, I'd love to get in the sea again, each year I promise myself when it really heats up I'll go in but I never do. lol

Terra said...

I like the bird photo showing love is in the air. Keep cool.

mamasmercantile said...

The heat is yet to reach us, it is still quite cold and overcast.

Sue in Suffolk said...

On line lessons for water colour pencils needed please. I have the pencils but no clue as to the right way to use them!