Wednesday 9 May 2018

Cool . It is cool.

Swollen ankles - gone.

Cooler. Bit breezy, but one is used to that.

Fishing boats off out for the hunt.

This looks like a Pilot boat which guides the big boats in an out of the harbour, but the PD 282 means it is a Peterhead boat.  So not sure.  Yesterday someone was rescued from the harbour, having fell in, by the Pilot boat.  But it was the Fraserburgh Pilot Boat.  Not sure why the Peterhead Pilot Boat was out in the bay.  Hey ho.

Here is Sithcat, he can still play.  This is a toy mouse, not a real one.  He hasnt managed a real one for some years.  Thank goodness. Gone are the days when the person wielding the vacuum had to first remove all the corpses from under the bed.

Cool.  All cool.


kjsutcliffe said...

Brrr - we have had to light the fire again!

Chris said...

I see a boat from Ullapool - is that near you? Our cat of yore used to bring mice in and if they hadn't died of fright, would play with them and let them run around. Invariably we had to get out the mouse trap!

DUTA said...

I like boats to look at them, not to be on them.
Sithcat looks very presentable, and in serious mood (not in playful mood).

mamasmercantile said...

It is still cool here too with no sign of any improvement yet.

Jean. said...

Sith is having a pensive moment. He's not a kitten anymore and has to have a little rest now and then between playing. He's not "presentable", he's BEAUTIFUL ! :-)