Monday 7 May 2018

Bank Holiday.

Although born and brought up in England I now live in Scotland.  Bank Holidays can be quite confusing up here.  Most of the time the Postie still delivers on Bank Holidays.  The local Post Office was open for business today.  But we didnt get a mail delivery.  Our Butcher was shut.  May Day.  Lots of marches everywhere, including Scotland.  Then we have Local Holidays.  When everything shuts apart from the banks and its back to confused.

So today.

The beach.

Not many people it was quite overcast and cloudy.  

So plenty Gull Gang Members.

The DP was with me as after the sea air deep breathing we were off to Strichen and the Food Festival at The Old Auction Rooms.

Here he is learning all about dates, not calendar, eating of.  From someone of Pakistani origin now living in Dundee.

This is the place when it is not crammed with people who totally ignore small, old ladies with a chariot.  I ended up just going outside.  I was being walked over, kicked, and angry.

I met up with fellow artist Jane Torrance.

Nothing to do with food.

Purchased Yoghurt from this stall.  When we ran the b&b we had some of their employees staying with us.  The men who sorted out the floor of where the cows were slipping.  And one chap who was up for interview and subsequently got the job, but the lassie on the stall couldnt remember as she was at school then!  

Very happy to be back home and a bit of painting a bit of bird watching.

Bank Holiday.  How was it for you?


kjsutcliffe said...

We avoided all crowds, stayed at home, spent most of it in the garden, watching the birds, painting, gardening, eating. It was glorious x

Jean said...

I know what you mean, some years ago when I was in my forties, I broke my ankle. When I was in town, plaster on my leg, special sandal, and walking stick, I was given no consideration. People pushed past me, made no allowance for my lack of speed and agility, and practically trod on me. Pushchair pushers were a real menace. I got so angry I felt like tripping them up with my stick, but I didn't. I'm 5ft 1inch tall, and have long since come to the conclusion that I am invisible !
On another subject, I think that last moth I mentioned two female pheasants feeding beneath my bird feeding station, and walking around the garden. My husband later noticed one of them going in and out of our damson wood at the bottom of our garden and at the start of our field. Today, in a clearing on the edge of this small wood, I found just feathers, lots of them, body feathers, tail feathers, sadly she had fallen victim to a fox and that was all that was left. If there were eggs, I expect they have gone too. How very sad.

Chris said...

We didn't have a holiday today but will have one on May 21st - it's officially Victoria Day but is traditionally the day when people head out of the city to open up their cottages or head to the garden centres to stock up on plants and garden supplies. Supposedly the threat of frost is past by then!

mamasmercantile said...

We did very little the weather was not good. Like you we moved to the Island from England and we are still learning about the Bank holidays, they are indeed so confusing.